Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Strike a Pose

I ask this Granddaughter to strike a pose for me.  She did a great job.  I took this on Tuesday and on Thursday she fell and broke her collar bone.  She is not smiling as much but is doing fine.  I love her smile and attitude.


These are from my past.  The foot wear is over 40 years old and I can still wear them.  They are very comfortable.  The hat is the same age and they go well together as a set.


One of my hobby is working in wood.  The top car was made for my father 30 odd years ago.  When he passed I retrieved it for my kids.  The lower picture is of a cradle that I made for my daughter.  I have made 4 of these.  It takes over 60 hours to build.  A labor of love that will last a life time or two.  The cradle can be rocked on the stand or it can be removed and rocked on the floor.


The snow in the spring has a shine.  We took these shiny picture on our trip this last week.  The bottom one is in the other  direction of the sun shinning on the snow on the top of the mountain.  I love this shot of the grain stubble in the foreground and the mountain in the back.

Color Me Green

This is a picture from last summer.  The snow is not green and I would like to see this area again covered in green.  High mountain meadow in late spring from the air as you can see.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday" (23)

  1. Aww. sorry to hear about our granddaughter. She looks lovely on the picture. Great hobby, I”m sure those pieces will be treasured by your family for a long time.

  2. I love the picture of your boots! They look well loved.

    I also love the pictures of your hobby. I have a cradle just like that one at my house that I will be passing along to my kids when they grow big. (Thanks Dad!)

    I am looking forward to seeing more green around… even if the groundhog did say we were going to get six more weeks of winter.

  3. I do love your in flight shots, but your granddaughter steals the show this week. Hope she heals up quick!
    Your woodwork is beautiful.

  4. Your granddaughter is precious. I am sorry to hear about her collar bone I hope it heals quickly. Your hobby pictures are awesome…what an awesome hobby to have! I am sure your children will love your wooden creations! Great set of pictures this week.

  5. Well my goodness that granddaughter did a great job with her poses. Hope she is feeling better soon and heals quickly. Love the cradle and I am sure your family treasures each one you’ve made.

  6. Your granddaughter is so cute. Love the shot taken from the plane.

  7. She is so cute in her pose! And your hobby – what gorgeous work you do!

  8. Great shots…love strike a pose best…hope she is better soon!

  9. Your strike a pose shots are absolutely adorable. Love it.

  10. I enjoy your photos each week! Your hobby photos and green are my favorites today. I love that you can give us such a different perspective simply because you take some of these while in the air!

  11. Aw, poor little thing. I hope she feels better soon! I love the “Green” shot! So beautiful!

  12. She is adorable, and know how to strike a pose. have a great week.

  13. I really enjoyed your series this week. Lots of great shots.
    Your Strike a Pose is so adorable. So sorry to hear she fell and broke her collarbone. I pray she heals quickly. What a cutie!
    Loved your Footwear shot, well composed.
    What a great hobby, my husband does woodworking too. I love your Cradle.
    Such beautiful pictures for Shiny and Color me Green. Lovely scenery.

  14. What a great “strike a pose”…hope she is feeling okay!


  15. jeanettekirkham said:

    Strike a pose! That’s my cutie! She has been doing so good, despite the broken bone. It is amazing how many things that girl can do with one arm! I also like the hobby shots too!

  16. I always love your sets! This week especially the strike a pose and hobby. Great work and I’m not just talking about the photographs!

  17. those boots are awesome…great wood work projects…love the little ballerina…

  18. We like your color me green picture. Poor granddaughter! We had the same idea for the footwear, we had to get creative.

  19. I love your strike a pose. Glad she is doing well. Your hobby is outstanding glad to have that cradle from you (pictured) my kids will enjoy it also. I so wish I could look out my window and see green.

  20. Your granddaughter is precious and your woodworking is amazing. The cradle is stunning and I’m sure it is a treasure to all those you have made one for!

  21. I love your strike a pose, I hope she is feeling better soon! Your woodworking projects are amazing.

  22. So sorry to hear your lovely granddaughter broke her collarbone, I do hope she mends quickly. Your woodworking is beautiful, it is a hobby that is dear to my heart. My father was a master craftsman and even the smell of saw dust will send me into nostalgic repose.

  23. Oh my goodness…I absolutely loved your pictures. That last one is so amazing!

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