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Scavenger Hunt Sunday {3/25/12}


The pirate ship play set seems whimsical and a little over the top but boy is it a great toy.  The chickens really have a house?  I really loved the word EGGS on the side.  These were both found in the same yard.


God’s creation are the geese and Man’s is this new house being built overlooking the valley.

After getting all the other pictures posted this is what we had for a gift from a loving Father for a closure of the day.  The best gifts are worth waiting for and are worth the wait.  The best for create.


This time of the year we have DUST that is blown on our snow from IDAHO and this is what it does to our white snow.  It really accelerates the melting of the snow.

Seed or Sprout

Often the grass sprouts before the snow is all gone.  Our snow is just leaving and the green is already growing.

Swing or Drop

In our neighborhood these swings are waiting for the snow to melt to be used.  With the dusting shown above it will not be too long and we will have laughing children playing on these swings.


Scavenger Hunt Sunday {3/17/12}


We took a short road trip to get pictures this afternoon.  This is a sleigh’s front bunk for a team drawn sleigh that was once used to haul hay to feed cattle in the winter.  It is not used any more though there is still enough snow.  Definitely vintage.

Word or Quote

Loved the sign words.  The words say it all.

Nature’s Own

Not natures own.  It looked like a sandhill crane but looking closer it is man made statue to look like nature’s own.  Surprise!


Coming into each end of our town are these two “PEOPLE” directing visitors to parking.  Welcome to the west.

Photographer’s Choice

After a storm nature gives us the best we can ever see.  Mt. Timpanogos from the east in Utah.

Scavenger Hut Sunday {3/1//12}


Winter water looking cold but wonderful.

Water at the end of a water line is opened to keep it from freezing.  Standing water while the temperature is right.


Light on the clouds during flight are just wonderful.


I did not eat them because I am on a diet!   Well maybe just two?


You can’t see me.  You can’t see me.  You can’t see me.


It is a two mile walk to the snowmobile hill climbs with no parking closer than where I sit.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


My routine over the last several weeks has been moving a lot of snow.  This is how I move the snow away from most of the buildings at the airport.



Music has been a big part of my life.  I sing but love to listen to both instruments shown in this picture.  I have three brothers and we have been singing together all our lives. I love to sing and hear close harmony.


Would you believe this airplane is older than I am.  It was made just at the end of WWII and is a Douglas DC3.  It has been updated with all the new technology and the best part is I know how to read and use all of it and have had the opportunity to fly one of these older airplanes.

Show me your style

Honey Mommy was showing me her style riding a couple of years ago (notice my shadow).  The second is her and her husband on top of the mountain pass just south of our valley where the elevation is 7,680 ft above sea level.  The last  shows how my style has changed from when I was a small boy.  I rode in the far saddle as a boy and now ride on the near saddle.  What a change of style over the years.  I have ridden to the top of the same pass on 2 occasions this last summer but as the snow in the other pictures show, I am riding where the bike sits for now.


Yes this is the SNOW bank at work.  This was taken yesterday. The mismatch is very evident.  How do I get the snow over the top of this bank?  The top of the RZR is 71″ above the ground so you can tell the snow bank is over 6 1/2 ft high.

This is the mismatch.  My RZR (razor) that I use to clean snow sitting in front of the airport snow plow.  Size says it all.  We laughed quite a while after we took this picture.  The snow had been moved for another day and we will have to do it again in the morning.