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Scavenger Hunt Sunday {9/30/2012}


Yellow is yellow especially with the sun behind.

Getting Ready

Getting ready to rain.


Bright red colors on a bush in our back yard. Fall is so bright and colorful for as long as it lasts.

Teeny Tiny

Teeny tiny picture of the moon yesterday morning at 4 am.  Something to do when I could not sleep.  This is my first  good picture of the moon with my new camera.  It is hard to use manual mode so it took some learning on my part.


Old and young are connected in nature just as we are.  Even though the old tree is dead it is still connected to the young trees.  We are still connected even though our loved ones have passed on.


Scavenger Hunt Sunday {September 23, 2012}


One of the Aspen’s in our front yard has this crack down the front.  Don’t know why.


The leaves on the road have fallen.  Is fall really hear?

Ordinary Color

One of the ordinary fall colors taken this afternoon.

Many of the ordinary colors of fall.  This is a spring that flows into crystal lake east of our place.


Just a small spot of bokeh in the early shot of the spring.


The remains of the fence just out the garage door.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {9/16/2012}


Early morning flight with the sun kissing the aspen trees just starting to turn color.


A deck that is Askew.


Oh do they have a lovely fragrance and they do look great, too.


Simple fun.  I test flew this aircraft and got to do all the acrobatics I could take.  Simple great day.  The owner is flying in this shot on his way home.


We have a plant that we call a maple.  It is a bush and in the fall it turns wonderful colors of red and orange.  Taken yesterday, fall is hear!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {9/9/2012}


Fall colors are starting early this year.

Starts with the letter..

Starts with the letter F.   Sneaky Fox I caught.

Upside down

I took this picture of a mountain fern and when I looked at the shot I found it was upside down the way I took it. OOPS


All that hair.  Horses and kids, these are two of my granddaughters going for a horse ride this least week end.  They are very happy and enjoying the day.


Can you guess what this picture is?  Low soft light with a cooler camera setting taken late in the evening.  These are sand dunes north of Rexburg, Idaho from the air.  They looked so strange I had to take the shot.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {9/2/2012}

I went on a flight to the Montana back country this week to do some air to air video with a couple other aircraft.  One was another Husky and the photo plane was a Cessna 185.   I flew the red Husky with another pilot that had no flight time in a Husky.  I acted as the safety pilot for the photo shoot.  My photos this week are from the three days I spent there during the trip.


This candid shot was a discussion of what to film and how.  We are on a back country strip in Montana called Meadow Creek.


Some people would consider these aircraft as toys.  They do great work but can still be a toy to have fun with.

Any of the Five Senses

On the way home yesterday this is the sight near Rexburg, ID.  Love the contrasting colors and the storm in the background.


The end of the first day. If this does not recharge your batteries nothing will.  Calm evening after a long flight and watching a friend flying a float equipped Piper cub (PA 12) on and off the water at sunset for more video.


On the way to the airport after half of the photo shoot.  This Cessna is the photo plane with the door off and the photographer sitting in the door filming. (He is strapped into the plane).  We flew in close formation for over 8 hours this day.  It is hard and very exacting work flying that close to another aircraft to get the GREAT shots.  Hard day, I took this in a relaxed formation.