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Scavenger Hunt Sunday {10/28/2012}


Pattern… I was taking a picture of the patterns on the metal and noted that I had patterns in the window above as well.


A old cycle bar mower painted and looking great.

Signs or Logos

We laughed about this sign for quite a while.

Rocks or Stones

While I was growing up I would drive the cows to pasture and on the way we would pass where Indians camped many years ago.  These are peaces of flint I have found.  Just part of my collection.


While shopppppping for a coat for my wife I spotted the sparkle on this purse and loved the sparkle.


Scavenger Hunt Sunday {10/21/2012}

Orange or PINK in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sunrise this morning, pink often reminds me of my Mother passing away from breast cancer many  years ago.  This pink sunrise also reminds me that it is the start of a new day and new opportunities.

Faceless Portrait

Faceless shot.  Notice not one of us in this picture has a full face.. each are faceless or at lease lack a full face.

View from the Top

View from on top of our valley early in the morning.  Fall is here to stay and winter is on the way…


Candid view of my better half caught early in the morning all cozy by the fire.   After being married for over 42 years I so love her and enjoy seeking her relaxed and thoughtful expression like this picture shows.


Yard work started and the old posts and fence poles stacked for a fire later after the snow falls.  It is too dry to burn now.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Water Drops or Flowing Water

Mountain streams are great to get flowing water pictures.


Just east of us is the largest intermittent spring in the U.S.  It flows very faithfully for twenty minutes and then stops for a while and then flows again.  Nature is also very faithful.

Then and Now

Then is a picture of my plane when I  bought it.  Now is how it looks now.  What a change in 12 years.


Flying is best done with only fingers.  It makes smother flying.  Picture by Honey Mommy this week.

One item from the fall bucket list: read a book

Read a book.  Books on the shelf in our living room.  Book or e book, they are always a great pleasure.  My better half is a librarian so I always get the new books when they come out.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {10/7/2012}


My shadow is following me.  My granddaughter was really having fun with her shadow this afternoon.

Archive photo taken by Moab, Ut early in the morning on a flight to NM.  I loved the pointing fingers.


The keys are on the organ in our house.


What an infectious smile.  Just have to love this sweet little granddaughter.


Taken yesterday morning of the sun rising through a cloud layer.  It looked so strange I had to take this picture unedited.


Honey-Mommy bought these cinnamon sticks this evening for her pictures and I had to try my luck with the same for spice, it was fun.