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Scavenger Hunt Sunday {7/29/2012}


Paint horse.  He is a dirty one, having just rolled in the dirt on a hot day.


Yesterday morning I flew over the back of the mountains behind our valley and this is a view of the GREEN on the upper mountains with the snow and a small lake.


Eyelashes on a doll my wife has.



Different shapes.  The shape of the lake  and the shape of the mountain reflected in that lake.  The mountain is called Flat Top and this picture would work for green as well.  This is the head waters of the Green River that flows through Wyoming and into Utah.  Taken this morning on a short trip over the Wind River mountain range to Dubois, Wy. and return by air (obvious).


Thunderstorm clouds firing up this afternoon east of our home.


Scavenger Hunt Sunday {7/14/2012}


This last week we camped for a couple days with our son’s family and one daughters family.  We camped by this river of water.


My wife’s Mothers day present on the front step.


Early one morning this fresh sight was just outside our tent.


Four legs and four wings make eight.  I have never seen this color dragon fly before.  I took a lot of pictures of this guy and if you zoom up you can see a amazing wing detail.


On the road to our camp this was an amazing view of pine cones after the wind blew and this is the calm after.  Tree litter?

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday {7/8/2012}


Lunch on the 4th was at my brother-in-law’s.  The table cloth is stars and bars and the napkin was a flag.  Very appropriate for the day.

View from Above

The morning after the 4th I flew into Idaho for aircraft work.  On the way it rained and on the way back I was on top of a lower layer of clouds. This is the look from above on a rainy overcast day.


Farm ground makes an interesting mosaic.  Love the different colors and textures.

Something Tiny

Born this (Saturday)  morning.  He is tiny and my grandson (the colt will be his horse) is in love with this tiny friend.  Photo taken by my daughter.


Of late we have had a lot of very vibrant sunsets.  Love the evening views and the colors do inspire.

Ramblings and Photos

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {7/1/2012}


Last week end this is the view from our back door.


This week we went on a vacation.  We flew into the Idaho backcountry.  On one morning we flew into the town of McCall, ID for breakfast and to shop.  At the pancake house this is the sweets displayed in the front display case.  YUMMMMM….. oops calories.

Hanging Around

First shot is hanging around the camp fire.  Feeding the fire and telling stories.  The second is a picture of a recovery of an airplane from an airstrip after an accident.  The airstrip where it crashed had no road into it so the airplane had to be lifted by helicopter to an airstrip where there was a road. The plane is hanging around until it gets to the airfield where it will be taken apart and trucked for repair.  No one was hurt in the accident.  The aircraft had to be removed because it was in a wilderness area at the owner expense.

Funny Face

We had a teenager camp with us with her dad on the trip.  She started drawing this funny face on a rock at the campfire.  We all started laughing when someone ask if this was “WILSON”, the next day she bought a soccer ball which made it even funnier.   Look at it upside down also is funny.


This is where we landed and camped (Johnson Creek, Idaho).  There is still space for more aircraft.  In the two weeks before we arrived there were over 100 aircraft camping on this strip each week.  We make this trip at least once each year and LOVE the time.  NO phone,  Hot showers,  WI-FI, great friends from all over the US.  Cost for camping is donations only.  It takes over 2 hours to drive to this location from the nearest town on rough gravel roads, we fly two hours from our home in Wyoming to get to this strip in Idaho.

More photos from our vacation

Other pictures taken on our afternoon walks from the airport.  A falling down log building with new growth trees around it.

Don’t know the name of this flower but it sure made a great picture.

Again an evening walk off the end of the runway this old mining building as the sun was setting.  Note all the flowers.

Our home away from home.  All the comforts.  Air conditioning, air mattress, short run to water.