Scavenger Hunt Sunday


How young do they start?  One of my Grandsons had to make sure the power was on and plugged into his mommies iPod and he is only 1 1/2 years old.  This made me smile after I took this picture.  Love it.

Stand Alone

The rotating beacon at all airports stands alone.  I caught ours with the green light on just before it turned off in the morning.

Rusty or Something Old

I have seen this old building often as we go to visit our son and his family.  We think it was a very old school that has been add on to and used for other purposes and now not used except for the bird sitting on the roof.


This is an artificial plant sitting on the table at work.  I shot it in black and white to hide that it is not real.

Repeating Pattern

On our road trip I remembered these trees planted in very neat rows.  If you look this way you can see the rows and if you look on an angle you could see that the spacing is just right to show lines in three directions.  After I took the shot and had left I thought I should have taken a panorama shot to show the repeating patterns.  OOOPS.  Next time.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday" (19)

  1. Love your something old and repeating pattern.

  2. I love your rusty, old picture. I am in love with the texture of old buildings and love to photograph them when I can. I have a similar wall of trees that I almost used for this week’s prompt as well. Great set of pictures.

  3. Oh my goodness, your repeating pattern is perfect. Love it and the rustic old building . . . great finds!

  4. They do start very early these days… Love your Rusty image.

  5. Very good series. I can see where that little “cutie” would make you Smile.
    Loved your Rusty/Old Building photo.
    The Repeating Pattern was pretty cool. Reminds me of the Hybrid Poplar project from the Potlatch Corp. in Oregon. ( Not sure what area you live in but it looks quite similar.

  6. Your something old and repeating patterns shots are my favorites.

  7. My favorite ones are the trees and the building. Great finds!

  8. I love your repeating pattern — just so stunning!!

  9. Wow! The old building rocks! And I love the repeating trees. Very cool.

  10. Something old, and repeating lines are my favorites. Have a great week!

  11. Your repeating pattern shot is very cool!! Love it!

  12. The little grandson doing what he sees all adults do these days…very cute. And I’d love to walk inside that old building. The repeating pattern of those trees is something I have not seen for a while. Great set of images!

  13. I don’t know about these grand kids these days, they will know more than us about technology! Hehe!
    I absolutely LOVE your Old and Repeating Patterns! Well done!

  14. WOW- that repeating pattern is amazing.

  15. Wow, the trees are very cool and def. a great shot for repeating pattern.

  16. jeanettekirkham said:

    I love looking at those trees when we drive by!! I hope you had a safe and fun trip to see your grandkids!

  17. Great photos!!! The tree shot is especially awesome…

  18. I love your something old shot – what an interesting shot.

  19. I love your old building. I love going up north in the summer and finding abandoned churches and barns and taking pictures. So pretty!

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