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Scavenger Hunt Sunday {12/23/2012}


joy_xlThe sign says it all.


tangled_xlMy wife tangled with a deer this week and they both lost.


silver_xlVisiting with Honey Mommy this week end and took this picture of a silver tree ornament.

Guilty Pleasure

guilty_xlI have been flying for over 45 years and have a guilty (not even) pleasure like this every time I fly.


angel_xlIt is called a sun dog but I like to think of an angle painting a striking evening picture.


Scavenger Hunt Sunday {12/16/2012}

How time flies.  Missed posting last week, we had a family Christmas party for our kids and our grand kids.  What a fun time.


sparkly_xlSnow has come.  We have had sun and this is the morning look.


door_xlToday we had an air ambulance come into the airport.    The door is half open waiting for the patient they are to transport.


decorate_xlNature has a special way of decorating which is very special.


strips_xlThe lines on the front of this Lear Jet caught my attention as I was waiting for the plane to start.  Picture taken with my phone.

A Few of My Favorite Things

things_xlPresents opened and the mess will be cleaned up later.  The kids and grandkids are a few of my favorite things.  Great Time.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {12/2/2012}



What is missing is the snow.  This time of year we usually have a good ground cover of snow.  We have had a lot of rain and snow but it is too warm.



Runway numbers.  In aviation we use numbers a lot,  airspeed, stall speed, altitude, distance,  just about everything has numbers.  These are the runway numbers at our home runway.  34 stands for 340 degrees.



File picture of a purple flower this fall at a backcountry strip in Montana up close.


DSC03486_lI used to play the harmonica a lot, but not so much any more.


bracelet_lOne of my better half’s favorite bracelet, she loves it still after several years.