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Scavenger Hunt Sunday {11/25/2012}

Home or Thankful

Even with storm clouds on the horizon there are always things to be thankful for, Family, Home, those we love and the Lords blessings to many to relate.

In the kitchen

Caught in the kitchen doing finishing touches for Thanksgiving dinner.  Surprise.


A couple of wings.  A couple of seats for the pilots.  A couple tires.  Picture of a very rare Lincoln bi-plane.  Two planes made this one restored.  Dust still in place on this wonder.


Bubbles in a bottle of Propel sitting on the dash in the car.


Taken just a couple hours ago.  Click on the picture to get the larger view.  Trees not in sight but in sight. Christmas starting…. Love the lights.


Scavenger Hunt Sunday {11/18/2012}


Black and white gives a different vision of winter from the air.


Your home should be your castle and a strong hold for your family.  This castle north of our home.  Yes a castle in Wyoming


Buttons on the fax/copy machine at work.


Top picture is a Map pilots use called a sectional.  On the map is the airport called Meadow Creek and the second is a picture of that airport shown on the map taken this summer.  Note the airplanes in the middle of runway.  Camping at the best.

Favorite Fruit

Oranges are just great but a banana does better on my system.  Love both.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {11/11/12}


The only part of nature is the track of the fox I was trying to get a picture of this morning.

Vintage or Retro

These field glasses were my Great Grandfather’s dating back to the 1860’s.


The first picture of the jet would be a whimsical way to travel and to others the second would also be whimsical.  Both are fun and a great way to get around.


This is the way most of us guys COOK.  Popcorn in a microwave.

Week’s Best

Fall plants early this week that are now covered with snow.