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Scavenger Hunt Sunday #2


Close up of the cookie just before it disappeared. (Macadamia nut)

Found Texture

After taking this texture picture I decided to show where it came from (picture below).  It is the inside of an aircraft panel and the texture is to keep the panel from vibrating and warping.  It is not the moon surface.

Inside of the aircraft panel.


The wind is a fluid.  We can not see it but we can see the results.  This wind sock is home for the wind indications.


This week it has been cold and when I go to work the windshield and side windows of my car are covered with frost.  I loved the shot from the inside out with a dark background.

The Tree

I must admit this is a little older picture of a Tree in Texas just before sunset with the clouds parting.  Timing is everything and I get lucky a lot.


Scavenger Hunt Sunday


95MPH at just under 14,000 ft above sea level over the Rockies.


Under the wing of an aircraft of sunrise shadows in Nevada


Sunrise at 13,000 ft over the Windriver mountains going East


Eyes looking at ya on this “fly”

Always look on the bright side

Bright and sunny looking for a great day.