Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Facial Feature

Our eyes are the window to our soul.  My better half let me take a picture of her BROWN eyes.


Shadow of a tree on the water in Texas from an older picture.    The second is a picture of a “shadow” of my airplane above the clouds.  The ring is what you see for a shadow on the clouds.  I love the rainbow effect.


Our spice rack.  Me and spicy do not work for my stomach.


Yes it is real GOLD.  The nugget on the chain is a nugget I found in Alaska a few years ago. I was training a pilot in a float equipped airplane.  After several hours of flying I needed to relieve myself.  We landed  on a the river and as we drifted to shore, I looked into the river saw this nugget.  It was a stretch to reach it but as you can see I made it.  I had it made into this necklace for my wife and gave it to her when I got home.  The other gold is gold I have panned closer to home.  Another hobby.


Family is the fabric of life.  Our daughters made this quilt from fabric that shows all the “HAND’ prints of our family and gave the quilt to us for our 40th wedding anniversary.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday" (12)

  1. I love your first shadow picture. It is a really gorgeous shot!

    I also love the gold, and I love that you took a picture of it in one of the pans that you use to pan for gold!

  2. The shadow is beautiful! So interesting to find the gold and what a neat idea for a quilt!

  3. Great shadow shot. Love the quilt . . . family is indeed the fabric of life!

  4. Wow, your shadow shot of the water is just gorgeous!! And how fun to find a nugget of gold!

  5. What a lovely anniversary gift. Never seen a gold nugget before, cool. I think your spice rack is neat.

  6. Your shadow photo is breathtaking.. I wish my better half would let me get a shot of him!!

  7. Lovely set of photos. Particularly like your first shadow shot. Wonderful composition.

  8. The shadow is just stunning! Wow! And real gold, awesome!

  9. Mark, you always have such creative shots! Love the gold.

  10. Great work – love that shadow shot.

  11. Gorgeous shadow shot!

  12. I love the picture of the shadows that u had they great

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