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Scavenger Hunt Sunday {8/26/2012}


This is our local High School.  SVHS and the grounds around it taken from the Bird’s view point.

Rule of Thirds

Up the canyon just behind town we took some great third shots.  Notice the colors are starting to change.  Our temperature was 28 degrees F this morning with ICE under the sprinklers.  The colors will come a lot faster now.

Side Profile

Side profile of my airplane and how we spent the last weekend.   Hard afternoon!


Small flowers and a small butterfly visiting this afternoon.


Motion of water over rocks and moss.  The canyon has the world’s largest intermittent spring and this is at low flow.


Scavenger Hunt Sunday {8/19/2012}

It has been a hard couple of weeks especially not getting pictures and not posting.  Health issues have made it very hard, sorry.  I missed posting and making comments.  THIS week I used my IPhone to do all my pictures for a change.


A forest of flowers at a pancake house we ate at over the weekend.

Yes we were out flying again this weekend.  The smoke from forest fires make great pictures not so great.  This should be a great picture but the haze and smoke just don’t do justice to the view.

Morning Light

Sun on the mountains on the way home early in the morning.  Again smoke from the fires changes the view.


Touch of color.  I thought about taking a picture of the Shingles I have had, but this is so much better.


Newspapers in the store.  Are they old fashion with the new media sources?

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {8/12/2012}


This spider looks like he is creating his own mobile.

Hanging by a Thread

He is also creating the threads he’s hanging by.


This is a collage of the back side of the mountains behind our house.

Always look on the bright side

This is the brighter side of town.  It’s a beautiful time of year here and I love taking pictures of the bright green colors.

The brighter side of this mountain has a water fall going down the side of the mountain from the lake.



We have  had beautiful sunsets lately, this is our home taken at sunset.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {8/5/2012}

Going Back in Time

The first pictures shows way back in time.  The tracks are dinosaur tracks and the second is much newer carved petroglyphs.  Both from Southern Utah.

Something Just for Me

Photo of my airplane.  I have worked for 12 years to make this plane mine in every way.  Of all the Cessna 175’s built none look like this so it is something just for me.

Best Part of My Day

Most days the best part of the day for me is when I am flying and have my camera with me.  Taken this week of the mountains behind the house from the east looking southwest.  Love the green and still there is a little snow.

Night and Day

The time just before night and yet still day.  We have had a year of great sunsets and what a view with a great camera.

Look Up

I took this picture of a granddaughter (note her red head) standing in front of a pine.  After taking the second picture I looked up and took the first.  Great view.