Red sky at night sailor’s delight   Pilots also love a great red sunset.  Idaho backcountry this week.



Front yard columbine white and wonderful.



Scallions in bloom up close.



Stars posted even in the back country. Love our country.



White snow sparkles next to the green in the high meadows behind our home.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {7/7/2013}" (9)

  1. Such beautiful scenery. Love the sunset!

  2. Beautiful. The sunrise picture is lovely.

  3. DrillerAA said:

    Very nice work. You are indeed blessed to have such natural beauty to work with. Well done.

  4. I’ve never seen scallions bloom, how cool!! Love the red sky, I grew up living on the Bay and learned the poem early on!

  5. Oh wow! That red sky is gorgeous!

  6. What lovely shots. The country side behind your home is gorgeous.
    So was that glorious sunset.

  7. Lovely sunset, and the blooms are nice too! I need to find something to plant that will bloom in July. Our beds are bare!

  8. Such beautiful shots! TFS!

  9. so – is there some significance in flying with a red sky? for the beauty? or what exactly does it mean for a pilot?
    May I ask what you do for a living? from reading your posts, I would think you deliver ?? mail? medicine? or do you just fly for pleasure?
    your photos of the sky continue to amaze me. You must love being up there, seeing the beauty of our fabulous country.

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