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Scavenger Hunt Sunday


This is an older file photo.  Last spring was a very wet spring.  Is is a land slide the CROSSED US 89 which is the main road leading into Jackson, Wyoming.  The road was closed for just under one month.  This is one of the pictures I took from the air and it was used by the road and state crews to determine how to approach cleaning up this slide crossing.


This is a glimpse of an evening glow in our mountains.  Beauty is often just a glimpse and then it has moved on.


In our grocery store I saw this hand written sign.  This is one over an antique crock.  People seem to want to put garbage into any open container.  The one in the store was over a recycle bin which has the same problem.


Bliss is watching one of my grandsons playing in the grass in the forest.  Older file picture.  We have too much snow now and I need to see some green grass so I posted this picture.

Also an older picture from last summer.  Bliss is getting up in the morning in the Idaho back country and flying to breakfast 18 minutes away at a pancake house.  The drive would be over 2 1/2 hours.


Gray color on a friends airplane as it leaves after he sold it.  The airport manager was blowing snow along the taxiway and I got lucky and got them together.


Scavenger Hunt Sunday


Just a little something to show my better half that I do LOVE her more that ever.


I saw this “FLY” on the window at work.  The window he was setting on has two panes of glass.  He did not wait to let me get a better picture but it is a duplicate in one picture.

Trend or Trending

Taken a little while ago.  Great trend for a restaurant.  As the light shows,  (green) go—-walk for the weekly deal.


Paper messages on the fridge from the grandkids.  Love their “works of art”.


Plastic makes such great displays.  Plastic makes the colors so great.  Pop machine display at my work.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Facial Feature

Our eyes are the window to our soul.  My better half let me take a picture of her BROWN eyes.


Shadow of a tree on the water in Texas from an older picture.    The second is a picture of a “shadow” of my airplane above the clouds.  The ring is what you see for a shadow on the clouds.  I love the rainbow effect.


Our spice rack.  Me and spicy do not work for my stomach.


Yes it is real GOLD.  The nugget on the chain is a nugget I found in Alaska a few years ago. I was training a pilot in a float equipped airplane.  After several hours of flying I needed to relieve myself.  We landed  on a the river and as we drifted to shore, I looked into the river saw this nugget.  It was a stretch to reach it but as you can see I made it.  I had it made into this necklace for my wife and gave it to her when I got home.  The other gold is gold I have panned closer to home.  Another hobby.


Family is the fabric of life.  Our daughters made this quilt from fabric that shows all the “HAND’ prints of our family and gave the quilt to us for our 40th wedding anniversary.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Strike a Pose

I ask this Granddaughter to strike a pose for me.  She did a great job.  I took this on Tuesday and on Thursday she fell and broke her collar bone.  She is not smiling as much but is doing fine.  I love her smile and attitude.


These are from my past.  The foot wear is over 40 years old and I can still wear them.  They are very comfortable.  The hat is the same age and they go well together as a set.


One of my hobby is working in wood.  The top car was made for my father 30 odd years ago.  When he passed I retrieved it for my kids.  The lower picture is of a cradle that I made for my daughter.  I have made 4 of these.  It takes over 60 hours to build.  A labor of love that will last a life time or two.  The cradle can be rocked on the stand or it can be removed and rocked on the floor.


The snow in the spring has a shine.  We took these shiny picture on our trip this last week.  The bottom one is in the other  direction of the sun shinning on the snow on the top of the mountain.  I love this shot of the grain stubble in the foreground and the mountain in the back.

Color Me Green

This is a picture from last summer.  The snow is not green and I would like to see this area again covered in green.  High mountain meadow in late spring from the air as you can see.