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Scavenger Hunt Sunday {5/27/2012}

Beneath you Feet

These cute little feet belong to a grand daughter.  Beneath your feet are your souls.  Souls are the foundation which we stand on and our soul and body make up who we are.

Capturing Movement

This is the bottom of a water fall up one of the canyons near our home.  The bubbling water looks like white foam.


These clouds are beautifully textured.  I caught this shot on a trip I just took to Boise Idaho.

Face you Fears

As I get older, facing the inevitable becomes a bigger fear in my life, it is only overcome with the knowledge of living beyond death.


We just attended our oldest grand daughter’s high school graduation.  This is a picture her big smile after graduation.  Currently she is not a high schooler any more.  I’m feeling old today.


Scavenger Hunt Sunday {5/20/2012}


Unusual morning rainbow just as the sun came up.  It’s a partial rainbow because the mountains are blocking the sunshine.


Don’t blow or it will be gone.  Very fluffy.


Stick on stencil letters we found in a craft store for a wood project (graduation present for a granddaughter).


The first is a one owner 1946 Cessna 120 owned by a friends father.  The second is a North American P 51 Mustang.  The Mustang is a WWII fighter.  I have been around this one for over 30 years. These are well cared for metal aircraft except the wings on the 120 are fabric covered.  Can you tell?


I went for a little drive this afternoon looking for a picture of trees.  The snow is leaving finally, but what is left makes a great shot.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {5/13/2012}


In rural Wyoming when the sidewalk ends….merge left and get up to speed.


Nature is always inspiring for me.  It a reflection of God’s creations.


It is that time of the year.

Close up

This is as close up as you can get to this waterfall without losing part of the falls.  I shot this a long lens.

With Mirror


With a mirror you can check the landing gear and also see yourself.  This is an archive photo I took Flying above the colds one day.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {5/6/12}


Can you guess what this is a shadow of?  Several weeks ago I posted a picture of the small wind sock and this is the picture of it”s shadow taken yesterday snapped in black and white.  I really like the way it looks.


Old keys on a ring.


We visited four of our granddaughters today and could not resist each smiling.  I had to post them all.

Unedited (SOOC)

We have had snow several times in the last week.  SOOC is a shot just after one of the storms with fresh white snow on the hills.


While visiting the grandkids I took this picture of their fish that is older than most of the kids.  Fish are hard to get a good picture of.  At least it was for me.