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Scavenger Hunt Sunday {6/24/2012}


The roof on this old cabin is really warped.  My Great-great grandfather traveled to this halfway house on snowshoes on he way to get some flour the first winter they stayed in the valley where we live.  It took him 2 days out and 2 days back carrying 50 lbs of flour.

Concentric Circles

The end cut on this block of wood in our wood shed shows interesting concentric circles in the grain.


This is the crank gear on my bike in our living room waiting for a rider….. ME!


The cookie jar that my wife grew up with, now resides in our home.  She has a glazed finish.


This is the marble counter top at work with the candy that keep visitors smiling.


Scavenger Hunt Sunday {6/17/2012]

Meet me at the Corner

You can meet this bear at a corner in Montpelier Idaho.  His name is Old Ephraim.

We were riding down this old dirt road thinking you could meet us at this corner and we could go camping in this beautiful spot.

Mother Nature meet Technology

Out in the middle of nowhere solar panels power web cameras.

One Step at a Time

Our youngest granddaughter is learning to walk one step at a time and taking more steps every time she trys.

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

What is really wrong with this picture?  ICE has formed under the sprinklers the last two mornings.  This usually doesn’t happen in June.

Standing Tall

It was another grand daughters birthday today and this tree is a land mark that stands tall close to the road on our trip.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {6/10/2012}

I thought about the prompts a lot this week so it prompted a ROAD trip.  We traveled until we were silly to find some special spots using the paper as a guide until we turned black and white.   OOPS….


People travel from thousands of miles to visit the sights in this park.  This weekend is a FREE pass weekend to all National Parks so we went too.


On the way we saw this silly rooster guarding this yard.

Black and White

IF you take a picture of a black and white cow in black and white this is what you get.

In color the black and white cow looks a lot better to me.


The first picture shows a buffalo that must have found a favorite spot to eat except for the dandelion.   The second is a special spot for a nursery of the baby buffalo.


These are the papers that show where we went today.  We traveled right at 400 miles in two national parks and had a great time seeing the sights and boy did we take a lot of pictures.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday {6/3/2012}


Last night I had to work late getting an aircraft off.  As I was closing up I saw the moon shining.


This is the FAST plane I had to work late for.  This is a Lear 60 which is a FAST private plane.  Cruise speed is over 525 mph.


Not much snow LEFT on the mountains.  Picture taken yesterday afternoon.


Late in the evening it is as if the world is at PEACE.  Late evening sun is so great and the moon just starting to shine.


This morning this storm front is plain ugly.  The wind jumped from nothing to well over 40 mph on the ground but up on the face of these mountains it had to be well over 70 mph.  As the wind blows up the mountain face the moisture causes the clouds to form moving fast.