Who is watching who.



The last of the leafy trees for this year.  Snow on the top of the mountains shows winter is on the way and the trees are dropping their leaves on the lawn.

First World Problem


Which one should I get on and go where?



He would not hold still, it took 15 shots to finally get a good one.

A Good Day


This was a good day to be with my daughter and her family.  Love the girls and was it ever a fun day!


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {10/20/2013}" (4)

  1. Lovely photos. I like nature photos so much and birds. And the last photo is very beautiful of course !

  2. Lovely photos. I love the bird shots and that leafy shot is gorgeous. The family shot is just beautiful!

  3. Great set of images. Any day with family is a good day.

  4. Very nice set this week. Great job with your bird shots.
    Pretty leafy shot.
    Ah time with family is a good day.
    I’d like to have that 1st World Problem!

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