Field of wild yellow flowers.  Summer has arrived.



Cell phone picture of one of my grand daughters dancing.  Notice the shoes!



After a ride she just could not stop laughing.



File photo.  Who is helping who?  Each are helpers.



Spring run off in the fields is starting to dry up.  Love the blue water reflecting the blue sky.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {6/16/2013}" (8)

  1. These are great! Love the mixed up shoes on the tiny dancer!

  2. These are such great shots. That yellow field of flowers is gorgeous. And I had to smile at those dancing shoes..

  3. Nice shots today Mark. I found a field of wildflowers too…such simplicity and beauty. That helper shot is definitely a keeper and yes, noting the shoes. Kids!

  4. I really love your summer and water shots! The dancing shoes cracked me up too.

  5. Great set. Loved that wonderful riot of yellow flowers. Very summery.
    Oh goodness your little dancer is cute and I did notice the mismatched shoes, too cute.
    Pretty shot for water.

  6. Great photos. I really like the last one, there is just something about those blues!

  7. Adorable dancing girl you have there. Really enjoyed your blue water shot and the field of yellow flowers.

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