Scavenger {6/2/2013}

Spring on the backside


We took a short ride up the canyon this afternoon.  Photo is of the back side of the mountain and the snow is leaving.

Fresh Water

freshwaterSnow melting gives us clear clean water and colorful moss.

Water Shadows

shadowOn a flight home from Utah over Bear Lake the cloud shadows really made an interesting pattern.  Love the blue of the lake water.

Sand Dunes

sandSand dunes north of Rexburg, Idaho on Monday.  These are really big dunes and a lot of fun.

Iowa farm ground leaf

leafI Took a flight to Ohio last week and this is a picture I took in Iowa of a pattern in the farm ground.  Do you see the leaf?


Comments on: "Scavenger {6/2/2013}" (8)

  1. Some pretty cool shots – but the leaves in the last one are awesome.

  2. great shots. Love that first one.

  3. Look at those dunes, wow!! Great arial shots, as always!

  4. Amazing shots! Love the dunes and the leaf pattern photo.
    I did not do Scavenger Hunt this week, but if you would like to see how my garden grows, come visit.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  5. I do see the leaf! I love shots from airplanes!

  6. raineality said:

    Wow those are really awesome shots! I do see the leaf!

  7. I knew there would be some awesome scenery here this week and you came through with flying colors. Such gorgeous mountains. Loved the Shadow shot in the lake and that Leaf pattern was just so cool looking. Well done.

  8. I do see the leaf and I love it! I don’t get to fly often, but when I do I always get a window seat so I can take photos. So many fascinating things to see from a bird’s perspective. This is a great set!

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