five_lOld hanger number 5 at our airport.

Word of the Day: FLYING

Flying, Flying, Flying this picture was taken on the way the way home after a day of flying.



Part of the joy of photography and flying is getting to share this kind of picture.


wiggle2_lWiggle at the wrong time in an airplane and the first shot is what you get, usually deleted .  The second one is braced so you get a better shot.


cookie_lMy wife bakes me these gluten free ginger snaps once a week.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {3/10/2013}" (7)

  1. I always love the photos you shoot while in the air! They are just beautiful. But those cookies look pretty darn good too!

  2. Love the ariel views you always share!

  3. I am so glad you share shots from your flights – that snow covered one is especially nice. Speaking of nice – how sweet of your sweetie to bake those cookies – they look very good.

  4. See now you have a great #5 shot.
    Loved the Snow covered tree shot for Sharing.
    The cookies sound delicious.

  5. Great shots. Nice to see something so different from my everyday life.

  6. your photos are amazing! so, do you take your hands off the steering wheel (is that what it is called in a plane) so you can take a picture from the plane? And — curious — do you fly every day? for pleasure? or work? do you transport people? or freight?
    Love the WIGGLE shot(s).

  7. Those cookies look good! I’m also gluten free. Your photography is wonderful, great post

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