Small Things


This is a set of Matryoshka dolls one of my daughters gave my wife many years ago.  They still sit on her chest of drawers.



Another of our daughters gave us this illustration of our family tree.  We have since had three more grandchildren.



These handprints belong to one of our grandsons.  It’s been on our fridge for a year, little gifts like these are treasures to grandparents.

Work of Art


This weekend has brought a snowstorm and over 8 inches of new snow.  Mother Nature can create quite interesting works of art.

Window Beauty


This window beauty was on the window of my vehicle this morning before it started to snow.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {2/10/2013" (10)

  1. that family tree picture is really neat. I wish I was artistic!

  2. Wow! Your shots this week are great. Love that window beauty!

  3. I really like the illustration and the whole concept of the family tree. Very original. Have a blessed Sunday.

  4. Love all the snow! The valentine is too cute!

  5. Love your Window Beauty & your Valentine is THE best kind of Valentine.

  6. Wow! Your daughter is so talented. That family tree is gorgeous!!

  7. christineenyartelfers said:

    you sure have a talented family. I love that you keep family art visible. what a fabulous message that sends – the family tree is my favorite. Is that done with embroidery thread?

  8. The gifts from your daughters are adorable – absolutely love the Family Tree and you are so right about the best works of art are those from our children (and in your case, grandchildren). Great set of shots.

  9. Great set. I loved the personal “family” touches this week with the Illustration of your family tree and the Valentine on the Fridge. I have a set of those little dolls but not as many as your wife’s set that teeny one is really cute. Great shots for Work of Art and Window Beauty but oh so cold….

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