A Christmas basket my wife received.  Love the color.


park_lGrand Canyon Nation Park.  Taken from the air day before yesterday on a flight to Texas.  Colors are just great in the early morning light.  This is the upper Grand Canyon or the start of the Canyon.


auto_lI posted a picture of my wife’s car after she hit a deer.  This is her new car.  All is better except for the bank account.


recycle_lThe trip to Texas was to retrieve this airplane and recycle it.  It will get a new paint job and get all fixed up.  This plane is over 50 years old. The ride home turned into a very long day, 1050 mile flight in 9 1/2 hours.

People Watching

watching_lWent on a road trip to a granddaughter’s gymnastic competition today and this is a picture of them watching people.  Fun day.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {1/20/2013}" (4)

  1. Great shots Mark. Love that Grand Canyon view. That’s an amazing image. I hear you on the wallet thing. Just had to buy a new (well new used) car myself. I am happy I was able to pay cash, but let’s say there ain’t much cash left. Have a great day.

  2. do you fly every day? I love all your photos of places you’ve been. and from what I gather, you refurbish places?

  3. You nailed them all. The Grand Canyon shot is marvelous and most likely the only one we will see this week. I thought it would be my favorite until I got to people watching. We raised three girls and two were very athletic. So your granddaughter and her friends got my heart on that one! Great series this week…happy hunting next week!

  4. Wow – that Grand Canyon shot is gorgeous. Bet it was really fun to watch those girls – gymnastics competitions are fun to watch.

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