Black and white gives a different vision of winter from the air.


Your home should be your castle and a strong hold for your family.  This castle north of our home.  Yes a castle in Wyoming


Buttons on the fax/copy machine at work.


Top picture is a Map pilots use called a sectional.  On the map is the airport called Meadow Creek and the second is a picture of that airport shown on the map taken this summer.  Note the airplanes in the middle of runway.  Camping at the best.

Favorite Fruit

Oranges are just great but a banana does better on my system.  Love both.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {11/18/2012}" (10)

  1. I like the angle of your fruit shot.

  2. That castle is amazing!! So neat that it’s right there in the states 🙂

    Love the shot of the winter mountains…it’s stunning in B&W

  3. Wow! I didn’t lnow there were any castles in Wyoming!

  4. Wow – I would love to live in that castle! Great set! Have a nice holiday.

  5. Great set. I like the BW version of the snow covered mountains in your Vision shot.
    Oh wow that castle in Strong is amazing.
    How clever to use a different type of Button for that prompt.
    Loved seeing your map shot and the actual location.
    Mmmm fruit, I prefer the oranges over bananas.

  6. You’re vision & strong shots are amazing!
    Beautifully done.

  7. Nice set this week. I love your vision shot, it is always fun to see things from a different perspective. Like the map shot with the actual location. That was cool, as is the castle.

    I also like the perspective on your fruit shot.

  8. What a stunning landscape of the castle and you are so right in how a black/white conversion gives winter a distinct look.

  9. Wow… that castle shot is fabulous! what a treat to see it from the sky like that! =)
    and the camping at its best shot… lovely… my hubby will swoon over it…

  10. A castle in Wyoming? Very cool! Beautiful shot there!

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