The only part of nature is the track of the fox I was trying to get a picture of this morning.

Vintage or Retro

These field glasses were my Great Grandfather’s dating back to the 1860’s.


The first picture of the jet would be a whimsical way to travel and to others the second would also be whimsical.  Both are fun and a great way to get around.


This is the way most of us guys COOK.  Popcorn in a microwave.

Week’s Best

Fall plants early this week that are now covered with snow.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {11/11/12}" (9)

  1. Amazing to have your great-grandfather’s field glasses!
    Week’s Best is really beautiful!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  2. Love those binoculars, and that shot of the plane with the moon in the background is stunning.

  3. Love the vintage binoculars! And cooking is too funny!

  4. I have snow on the ground in CO, too, ( thank goodness). The foxes come into the yard regularly – it must be part of their hunting territory. Your photos are crisp and creative – they tell a story. Love seeing your distant mountains.

  5. Wonderful set.
    I hear you on your Nature attempt at capturing the fox. I tried to photograph a hawk yesterday but every time I would get close enough it would fly and I’d miss the shot.

    Wow that 2nd photo in your Whimsical shot is gorgeous.
    Loved your Weeks best, to bad that the snow has now covered it all up.
    Those Binoculars in your Vintage shot are so cool.

  6. Your vintage picture really is cool! I also love both of your plane pictures, especially the second one.

    Your weeks’s best is really pretty, and the microwave popcorn made me laugh!

  7. Mr. Mark – I absolutely laughed out loud at your ‘cooking’ picture and completely agree that it would be such a whim to travel by plane and jet to get around. Those field glasses look like a piece of art. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love weeks best. Great job capturing sun flair!

  9. Such a treasure to have something that belonged to your great-grandfather. My fave shot is the second whimsical photo with the moon . . . just gorgeous.

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