Orange or PINK in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sunrise this morning, pink often reminds me of my Mother passing away from breast cancer many  years ago.  This pink sunrise also reminds me that it is the start of a new day and new opportunities.

Faceless Portrait

Faceless shot.  Notice not one of us in this picture has a full face.. each are faceless or at lease lack a full face.

View from the Top

View from on top of our valley early in the morning.  Fall is here to stay and winter is on the way…


Candid view of my better half caught early in the morning all cozy by the fire.   After being married for over 42 years I so love her and enjoy seeking her relaxed and thoughtful expression like this picture shows.


Yard work started and the old posts and fence poles stacked for a fire later after the snow falls.  It is too dry to burn now.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {10/21/2012}" (11)

  1. danelle01 said:

    Great interpretations this week! That first photo is especially beautiful! Love the view from the top as well.

  2. i adore what you said about your wife, super sweet!!

  3. Hey Mark…your view from the top is my fave. Fabulous shot. I also like that faceless portrait. Such fun.

  4. It was fun to find out that your daughter is Honey Mommy. Love the “faceless” picture. I hope my husband says I’m cozy to be around.

  5. Great set. I had no idea that your daughter was honey mama. Small blog world! Love the pink, and faceless. Have a super week.

  6. I love your sunrise shot, it is so beautiful!

  7. I’m among the new discoverer’s that you are Honey Mommy’s dad – how cool! These are great shots and I love how you enjoy in your better half’s coziness.

  8. Your faceless portrait made me laugh. Probably because that is my silly girl!

    Your view from the top is stunning, as is the sunset. :o)

  9. Very nice! I adore “faceless” that one made me laugh. Great job!

  10. Really nice set.
    I knew your View From the Top would be awesome and it was!
    Faceless Portrait was cute and fun.
    Cozy – How sweet. I love it when people are still so much in love after that many years.
    Orange is just amazing although I was sad to hear that you lost your mom to such an awful disease.

  11. A round of applause for your blog post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

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