Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Water Drops or Flowing Water

Mountain streams are great to get flowing water pictures.


Just east of us is the largest intermittent spring in the U.S.  It flows very faithfully for twenty minutes and then stops for a while and then flows again.  Nature is also very faithful.

Then and Now

Then is a picture of my plane when I  bought it.  Now is how it looks now.  What a change in 12 years.


Flying is best done with only fingers.  It makes smother flying.  Picture by Honey Mommy this week.

One item from the fall bucket list: read a book

Read a book.  Books on the shelf in our living room.  Book or e book, they are always a great pleasure.  My better half is a librarian so I always get the new books when they come out.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday" (9)

  1. Love that water!

  2. Your flowing water shot is wonderful and I love the perspective on your now shot of your plane.

  3. I like your interpretations of fingertips and then and now, great shots!

  4. Beautiful pictrure. I love ‘read a book’.

  5. Flowing water is great!

  6. That water flowing picture is stunning!

  7. Beautiful water shot! Great job!

  8. great set. Love how your plane has changed. The water shot is lovely. Have a great week.

  9. Wonderful set. Absolutely loved the Flowing water and Faithfulness shots. So beautiful.
    Your Then and Now was fun to see the changes that you’ve made. I like the new color.

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