My shadow is following me.  My granddaughter was really having fun with her shadow this afternoon.

Archive photo taken by Moab, Ut early in the morning on a flight to NM.  I loved the pointing fingers.


The keys are on the organ in our house.


What an infectious smile.  Just have to love this sweet little granddaughter.


Taken yesterday morning of the sun rising through a cloud layer.  It looked so strange I had to take this picture unedited.


Honey-Mommy bought these cinnamon sticks this evening for her pictures and I had to try my luck with the same for spice, it was fun.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {10/7/2012}" (10)

  1. Awe, lovin’ your “shadow” shot!

  2. What a great smile shot . . . those little granddaughters can just melt your heart can’t they. Love the spice shot too.

  3. Gorgeous. Shadow and smile are my favourites.

  4. Great set! That smile does look quite infectious, but I love your unedited shot!

  5. Precious smile…and I adore that spice shot.

  6. Her smile is so contagious and sweet! Love that unedited shot!

  7. That smile is just darling!

  8. Great Set. Smile and Shadow are adorable as can be.
    Great Spice shot, and I like your unedited shot very much.

  9. I really like your set this week! I think your spice shot is really cool, and I love your shadow shots too. And of course your smile is my favorite because that’s my baby!

  10. love the spice shot… and what a cutie in that shadow shot!! =) oh… and unedited… Lovely!! great set!

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