Yellow is yellow especially with the sun behind.

Getting Ready

Getting ready to rain.


Bright red colors on a bush in our back yard. Fall is so bright and colorful for as long as it lasts.

Teeny Tiny

Teeny tiny picture of the moon yesterday morning at 4 am.  Something to do when I could not sleep.  This is my first  good picture of the moon with my new camera.  It is hard to use manual mode so it took some learning on my part.


Old and young are connected in nature just as we are.  Even though the old tree is dead it is still connected to the young trees.  We are still connected even though our loved ones have passed on.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {9/30/2012}" (9)

  1. I love your getting ready shot. What a clever interpretation of the prompt!

    Hooray for your moon shot! It looks great.

    I love your connections picture and the thought that went with it. Love those trees!

  2. I love the yellow & bright!

  3. Fantastic, I really like yellow and bright, such vibrant colours.

  4. Love bright and getting ready! Nice set!

  5. I love “Connections”! Very creative.

  6. Oooh, I love “connections” Very very cool. And I really wish I had that beautiful red bush in my yard. So pretty!

  7. This may be one of my favorites from your sets.
    The Getting Ready shot is just awesome.
    That red bush for Bright is gorgeous as were the lovely Yellow leaves.
    Connections is fabulous and my favorite from your set. I also loved the thoughts you wrote along with the photo.
    Way to go on the moon shot for Teeny Tiny (I just can’t get a decent shot of the moon with my little point and shoot at all)

  8. I agree with Ida . . . this is one of your best ever sets of photos. Every one is just gorgeous and connections is my favourite also.

  9. wonderful interpretations!
    The two trees still connected–most interesting!

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