Early morning flight with the sun kissing the aspen trees just starting to turn color.


A deck that is Askew.


Oh do they have a lovely fragrance and they do look great, too.


Simple fun.  I test flew this aircraft and got to do all the acrobatics I could take.  Simple great day.  The owner is flying in this shot on his way home.


We have a plant that we call a maple.  It is a bush and in the fall it turns wonderful colors of red and orange.  Taken yesterday, fall is hear!


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {9/16/2012}" (11)

  1. Lovely photos!!! Maples are so pretty now!

  2. Nice shots…love Kiss!

  3. Lovely kiss shot. And that building is really askew! Do you know what kind of flower that is? It’s very pretty.

  4. Your ‘askew’ shot is seriously askew and I love the ‘simple’ shot.

  5. I’m loving the colors in your first shot.

  6. My favorite has to be your kiss shot. I enjoyed seeing your photos.

  7. I always enjoy your sets because of the fabulous scenery you are able to capture. This week was no disappointment.
    Kiss and Plant are both just gorgeous.
    Also thought your Askew shot was great for the prompt.

  8. Love the fall colours in your first and last shots. Always enjoy the view from above.

  9. Oh, that first shot takes my breath away. So beautiful. also love the maples turning colors. Ouch on the askew! Have a great week!

  10. that deck is just slightly askew, yes? ha! great shots!

  11. That deck is certainly askew!

    I love your simple shot the most. It is wonderful!

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