Fall colors are starting early this year.

Starts with the letter..

Starts with the letter F.   Sneaky Fox I caught.

Upside down

I took this picture of a mountain fern and when I looked at the shot I found it was upside down the way I took it. OOPS


All that hair.  Horses and kids, these are two of my granddaughters going for a horse ride this least week end.  They are very happy and enjoying the day.


Can you guess what this picture is?  Low soft light with a cooler camera setting taken late in the evening.  These are sand dunes north of Rexburg, Idaho from the air.  They looked so strange I had to take the shot.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {9/9/2012}" (13)

  1. Great capture of that Fox!

  2. Wow…I would have guessed those sand dunes were somewhere under the ocean. Very pretty!

  3. That soft shot is beautiful

  4. Nice photos this week.. LOVE your cute little fox..

  5. Your hair and fox photos are very good pics from real life !!!! And soft is so soft and beautiful !!

  6. I never would have guessed that they were sand dunes!

  7. Sand Dunes? I was going to guess a photo of Mars from the space shuttle.

  8. How fun to ride horses with your daughters. Gorgeous sand dunes – great shot. (and bonus points for spotting the fox).

  9. Wow, that fox looks long legged. Maybe I’ve not seen one in the wild! Love monchromatic. Have a great week!

  10. I love monochromatic…I miss the leaves changing colors in the North. it’s not even close to the same down in TX

  11. Great set.
    My favorites: Starts with the letter…F for Fox, How cool to have seen a fox and caught him with your camera.
    Soft – Wow, I thought that was a picture of water and to discover it was sanddunes, totally amazing.
    Also liked your Monochromatic of the Fall leaves. – Very pretty.

  12. Great fox picture but my favorite is definitely the last one! Very cool!

  13. Love the capture of the fox. Wildlife photos can certainly be challenging, so you did awesome!

    The horseback riding looks fun too. We will have to join you sometime !

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