Going Back in Time

The first pictures shows way back in time.  The tracks are dinosaur tracks and the second is much newer carved petroglyphs.  Both from Southern Utah.

Something Just for Me

Photo of my airplane.  I have worked for 12 years to make this plane mine in every way.  Of all the Cessna 175’s built none look like this so it is something just for me.

Best Part of My Day

Most days the best part of the day for me is when I am flying and have my camera with me.  Taken this week of the mountains behind the house from the east looking southwest.  Love the green and still there is a little snow.

Night and Day

The time just before night and yet still day.  We have had a year of great sunsets and what a view with a great camera.

Look Up

I took this picture of a granddaughter (note her red head) standing in front of a pine.  After taking the second picture I looked up and took the first.  Great view.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {8/5/2012}" (9)

  1. These are wonderful. My husbands friend is going to take us up in his plane. I hope to take some good photos. Though we don’t have mountains here so they might be kind of boring. ha. That last one is sweet.

  2. Awesome set this week! Love your plane, the green patches on the mountains, your sunset and looking up that lovely tree. Of course that little miss is pretty cute, too.

  3. That sunset is breathtaking…as is your granddaughter with that gorgeous red hair! Great set of photos!

  4. What a great set this week! Love that plane, and the best part of your day is amazing! Have a great week!

  5. These are great, Mark! Love that night and day picture!

  6. Wow…the photo taken from your plane is spectacular! No wonder it’s the best part of your day…and your plane is beautiful. Wonderful series!! The Night & Day shot is just gorgeous…sunsets are one of my favorite shots to get.

  7. Your plane is incredible. I can’t imagine what a labor of love it must have been for you to make it yours. WOW! Your granddaughter is too cute for words. I think red heads are awesome. Spunky and perfect! I always love visiting you. Thanks for sharing this week!

  8. Great set this week! I love them all. My favorites are “look up”, night and day, and best part of my day. Such beautiful pictures!

  9. These are such great shots. I love the shot from the plane.. Very cool.. Your granddaughter is so cute…

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