Paint horse.  He is a dirty one, having just rolled in the dirt on a hot day.


Yesterday morning I flew over the back of the mountains behind our valley and this is a view of the GREEN on the upper mountains with the snow and a small lake.


Eyelashes on a doll my wife has.



Different shapes.  The shape of the lake  and the shape of the mountain reflected in that lake.  The mountain is called Flat Top and this picture would work for green as well.  This is the head waters of the Green River that flows through Wyoming and into Utah.  Taken this morning on a short trip over the Wind River mountain range to Dubois, Wy. and return by air (obvious).


Thunderstorm clouds firing up this afternoon east of our home.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {7/29/2012}" (13)

  1. Green is just stunning! Love those lashes, too!

  2. Great idea on the “paint” horse! And the green and cloud shot, beautiful!

  3. dalettre said:

    The perfect shot for paint! Love those clouds, too.

  4. I love all of your photos! Shape is gorgeous, I love the reflection of the mountain in the lake.

  5. Painted horse – good one. Actually all of these are perfect choices for the prompts – those landscapes are breath-taking.

  6. Oh my….Green took my breath away. The colors are amazing!

  7. Green and clouds are breathtaking! Well done!

  8. I love, love, love the green/clouds/shapes shots!

  9. Wonderful set. – The horse was great for the Paint Prompt.
    Wow those 2 mountain views (Green and Shape) are awesome. I can see why they call that one mountain Flat Top.
    Those are some awesome Thunder Clouds.
    Your wifes doll looks so peaceful and does have some lovely eye lashes.

  10. mgatwood said:

    Love that painted pony and your clouds are magnificent!

  11. I really like your eyelash shot . . . something very sweet about it. As always, your shots from the air are breath-taking.

  12. Your paint shot made me laugh! I love your green and shapes as well. Eyelashes turned out very nicely too!

  13. I love shapes – gorgeous gorgeous shot.

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