This last week we camped for a couple days with our son’s family and one daughters family.  We camped by this river of water.


My wife’s Mothers day present on the front step.


Early one morning this fresh sight was just outside our tent.


Four legs and four wings make eight.  I have never seen this color dragon fly before.  I took a lot of pictures of this guy and if you zoom up you can see a amazing wing detail.


On the road to our camp this was an amazing view of pine cones after the wind blew and this is the calm after.  Tree litter?

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Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {7/14/2012}" (10)

  1. Wow that dragonfly is awesome . . . I have never seen one that colour either. I really like your calm picture.

  2. I have never seen that color of a dragonfly beofore

  3. Ooooh, first and last – my favorites!! And that dragonfly is gorgeous, we have a rainbow of colors here in Texas, some easier to photograph than others, great capture!!

  4. Water is simply amazing! Love that fresh dandelion puff – perfect!

  5. Wonderful set. – The River Shot is gorgeous – Which river is that?
    Loved the Calm shot as well – Tree Litter (that’s funny).
    Amazing Detail on the Dragonfly, I’ve not see one that color either.

  6. That dragonfly is amazing! Really pretty, I’ve never seen one that color either. Water is so inviting. Have a great week.

  7. Oh what a pretty dragonfly!

    And “calm” makes me think of Lassen Park. Ahhh. I miss Lassen park

  8. I love your water picture. It is beautiful! I also enjoyed your dragonfly and the calm picture. Lovely!

  9. Camping, boating the river, woods/forest – all take me back to summer outings of my childhood. That dragon fly is magnificent. Great group.

  10. I love your water shot – it is gorgeous.

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