The roof on this old cabin is really warped.  My Great-great grandfather traveled to this halfway house on snowshoes on he way to get some flour the first winter they stayed in the valley where we live.  It took him 2 days out and 2 days back carrying 50 lbs of flour.

Concentric Circles

The end cut on this block of wood in our wood shed shows interesting concentric circles in the grain.


This is the crank gear on my bike in our living room waiting for a rider….. ME!


The cookie jar that my wife grew up with, now resides in our home.  She has a glazed finish.


This is the marble counter top at work with the candy that keep visitors smiling.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {6/24/2012}" (16)

  1. We loved the story of our great, great,great grandfather making such a trek. It shows our great pioneer heritage! Your shot of the concentric circles in the wood grain is an awesome way to show the prompt. Love ya!

  2. Mmm, I love flavored tootsie rolls!

  3. My first thought was bike gears too! Lovely warped!

  4. What an awesome story about your great great grandfather!! What great shots… all of them!!

  5. Love the history of your warped shot and the glazed cookie jar. May favourite though is your concentric circles.

  6. The table looks like it would be gorgeous.

  7. Great marble! Love your circles too, I thought of that one.

  8. Love “warped” and the story to go with it. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Nice job finding the prompts. Love gear and concentric circles. Hang on to that cookie jar. Highly collectible.

  10. Such a great set this week.. I enjoy looking at what you found on your hunt..

  11. Can you imagine how artistic those circles would be with a clean slice from that log? Nice! I’m always drawn to the history behind some shots and especially impressed that your great-great grandfather had to snowshoe to and fro – enough to require a halfway house.

  12. Each one of these is an adventure. I want to hear more about each one. Great job. My favorite is the concentric circles. Mysterious!


  13. Love the story behind the shed and the cookie jar! Great idea of concentric circles!

  14. Great set.
    Warped – What a great story behind the photo.
    Marble – Fun take with the candy on the counter.
    My favorite: Glazed, That is a really cool cookie jar.

  15. NIcely done – great find with concentric circles

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