Meet me at the Corner

You can meet this bear at a corner in Montpelier Idaho.  His name is Old Ephraim.

We were riding down this old dirt road thinking you could meet us at this corner and we could go camping in this beautiful spot.

Mother Nature meet Technology

Out in the middle of nowhere solar panels power web cameras.

One Step at a Time

Our youngest granddaughter is learning to walk one step at a time and taking more steps every time she trys.

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

What is really wrong with this picture?  ICE has formed under the sprinklers the last two mornings.  This usually doesn’t happen in June.

Standing Tall

It was another grand daughters birthday today and this tree is a land mark that stands tall close to the road on our trip.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {6/17/2012]" (17)

  1. Wonderful set of photos this week! Although something is wrong with ice on the sprinklers in June, it’s a beautiful photo.

  2. Oh no!! Ice in June…that is just wrong! But I do love that photo.

  3. Ice under the sprinklers, not good! Love your standing tall shot, and one step at a time.

  4. Really great Standing Tall and What’s Wrong shots! Nothing quite like a baby’s first steps, is there. Such a milestone and everything changes after that.

  5. Interesting to see different landscapes. Here in Finaland West Coast has been cold mornings too and not that warm summer feeling early in the mornings.

  6. That is so cool on the sprinklers!

  7. What wonderful images! The one of your granddaughter is precious…and wow, ice in June! Brrrrrr. Thank you for sharing!

  8. What great photos…love the sprinklers with ice shot.

  9. No way – ice in June?
    Great set of shots!

  10. Love those first steps!! With any luck I’ll have a grandkid or two in a few short years! Can’t wait! And, my husband used to change sprinkler pipes to earn money in highschool…he’s told tales ~ but never any about ice!!

  11. Brooke G said:

    Oh my – ice forming in JUNE!?!?! Yikes. Loved your set Mark!

  12. If I’m ever in Montpelier, ID, I am definitely taking a picture with Old Ephraim 🙂

  13. So many wonderful shot.. I am loving all the green.. Not much of that here in the desert.

  14. You are lucky to travel to so many different places.
    That Bear statue is mighty big, it would be fun to see it.
    Loved your One Step at a Time – I think little kids learning to walk are just so adorable.
    My favorite of your set is the Standing Tall tree.

  15. Majestic “standing tall” shot you’ve got here!

  16. I love them all! You guys must live in a beautiful area!

  17. Brilliant set – I especially like your last two shots.

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