I thought about the prompts a lot this week so it prompted a ROAD trip.  We traveled until we were silly to find some special spots using the paper as a guide until we turned black and white.   OOPS….


People travel from thousands of miles to visit the sights in this park.  This weekend is a FREE pass weekend to all National Parks so we went too.


On the way we saw this silly rooster guarding this yard.

Black and White

IF you take a picture of a black and white cow in black and white this is what you get.

In color the black and white cow looks a lot better to me.


The first picture shows a buffalo that must have found a favorite spot to eat except for the dandelion.   The second is a special spot for a nursery of the baby buffalo.


These are the papers that show where we went today.  We traveled right at 400 miles in two national parks and had a great time seeing the sights and boy did we take a lot of pictures.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {6/10/2012}" (18)

  1. Love that chicken shot up against that blue sky.

  2. Oh you’re so clever, loved your opening! And really, you just knocked it out of the park – pun intended! lol What a fun weekend…

  3. I am really drawn to the silhouettes of your “travel” shot…well done!

  4. Your travel shot is gorgeous! And that rooster . . . too funny.

  5. Great shots. We went to Joshua Tree a month and a half ago and it was also a week of free entry to all National Parks.

  6. Nice set. Love the b/w and the buffalo. Great job.

  7. I actually really love the black and white shot of the cow.
    What a fun trip to Yellowstone. It is on my list – and is currently within a somewhat reasonable driving distance, so I hope to see it soon!

  8. Oh I so want to get to those parks! Gorgeous pictures!

  9. Your silly quote at the beginning of this post is quite funny. But your photos are great! A free pass to the National Parks sounds like a dream come true to me. My favorites are the travel photo and those of the buffalo. Have a great week!

  10. Beautiful pictures! I went to both of those places when I was a child and I would love to go back there with my own children. Great set. Your black and white cow made me laugh.

  11. That big chicken is a hoot! And I agree, the black and white cow looks better in the color shot. I left my black and white goose with a color background…more pronounced, I thought!

  12. How fun that the prompts inspired such a great road trip! I love that Travel shot. The cloud-like surroundings….the spots of color….beautiful!

  13. How fun that you took a trip for the challenges this week. Love those baby buffalos.

  14. What Fun to take a Road Trip to get the prompts. Loved your Travel, Spots and B/W of the Cow.
    Oh and the huge chicken was pretty silly.

  15. Your opening words made me laugh out loud!! You’ve got a talent there!! Love the travel image! Wonderful!!

  16. Love the buffalo pictures! Especially the calves- so cool.

    I also love your travel shot and agree that the rooster is pretty silly.

    I never did find a real cow, but au do like yours!

  17. Looks like the travel prompt got us both out and about. We loved the chicken and the first shot reminded us of our vacation to Yellowstone as a family.

  18. LOve your first shot – what a beautiful interpretation.

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