Beneath you Feet

These cute little feet belong to a grand daughter.  Beneath your feet are your souls.  Souls are the foundation which we stand on and our soul and body make up who we are.

Capturing Movement

This is the bottom of a water fall up one of the canyons near our home.  The bubbling water looks like white foam.


These clouds are beautifully textured.  I caught this shot on a trip I just took to Boise Idaho.

Face you Fears

As I get older, facing the inevitable becomes a bigger fear in my life, it is only overcome with the knowledge of living beyond death.


We just attended our oldest grand daughter’s high school graduation.  This is a picture her big smile after graduation.  Currently she is not a high schooler any more.  I’m feeling old today.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {5/27/2012}" (15)

  1. Cool capturing movement photo, mine is a lot yours! you can see my post here

  2. So you have big and little granddaughters . . . your graduate has a beautiful smile.

  3. Fun set of pictures!

  4. Aww, I really loved your whole set this week, not only your photos but your thoughts that went with them! Great job.

  5. What a wonderful set.
    Such sweet little sole’s on your granddaughter’s feet. I love baby feet, they are so cute.
    Gorgeous texture in those clouds
    Beautiful smile currently on your graduate’s face – what a happy memory
    Face Your Fears – Yes your thoughts are true and thank goodness for what lies ahead for those who believe.
    Capturing Movement – Very pretty.

  6. chicken licken said:

    Great shots

  7. What a nice set this week, congrats! 🙂

  8. Love your set, as always! Congrats to your granddaughter and you as well!

  9. Great set of images! My favorites are those adorable feet and that cloud.

  10. Looks like you had a busy, but exciting, week! Thanks for sharing both your photos and your thoughts.

  11. The feet are so, so sweet. Congratulations to your grand daughter. I hope life treats her well! Thank you for that reminder that we will live beyond death if we have Jesus. I am so grateful for that. : ) Wishing you a very happy Memorial Day weekend. Love, Becky

  12. Love that texture, and your last shot makes me smile. Have a happy weekend.

  13. Awww those little feet are adorable!

  14. Your granddaughter is beautiful!! And I love those tiny baby feet!

  15. Wonderful set! Love your first two pictures!

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