In rural Wyoming when the sidewalk ends….merge left and get up to speed.


Nature is always inspiring for me.  It a reflection of God’s creations.


It is that time of the year.

Close up

This is as close up as you can get to this waterfall without losing part of the falls.  I shot this a long lens.

With Mirror


With a mirror you can check the landing gear and also see yourself.  This is an archive photo I took Flying above the colds one day.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {5/13/2012}" (9)

  1. Love your mirror shot and your funny garden quote . . . I heard that the first time a few weeks ago. So funny.

  2. I love the quote that you have on there it is hillarious and i love the mirror shot too 🙂

  3. Funny quote!! Your Inspiring photo is……inspiring! Gorgeous.

  4. LOL, love that sign! And wow your last one is so incredible!!

  5. ashleysisk said:

    Love the view for mirror!

  6. I appreciate your “inspiring” photo, and totally agree. Nature is indeed inspirational. And until today I never thought of mirrors being present on an airplane! See? You can teach this old gal new things….

  7. christineenyartelfers said:

    OHHH…. the WITH MIRROR is my fave. Did you take your hands off the steering wheel to take this pic?

  8. Love your mirror shot! And I recall very few sidewalks when I lived in Wyoming.

  9. chrystalo83 said:

    Awesome photos. Those clouds are beautiful.

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