A couple of years ago two of my daughters gave me this sign for Christmas.  When these two girls come home they pass a sign like this by the Soda Springs Airport in Idaho, which reminds them of me.  So my oldest daughter painted a caricature of my airplane for the sign.

Yellow signs are a warning.  This is a sign I have never seen before.  As we looked at the sign we saw the results of a fire on the front of this barn.  Someone has a great sense of humor.

Something that makes you smile

Years ago one of my granddaughters was asked where her dad was.  Her response was that he was “making dirt”.  In her young mind (she was about 4 years old) her dad plowing was making dirt.  It has made me smile every time I have seen a tractor plowing since then.  To me it now looks like they are “MAKING DIRT”.  It’s a new concept for a former farm boy.

Ancient or Antique

Pictured here is a millstone that my great, great grandfather used in a mill to grind flour when they settled in this valley.  In our area things that were made in 1889 are ancient and very old.   This millstone kept early settlers from starving the first few years during hard winters.


This prompt was harder than I thought.  Great idea but try to throw the rock to hit in the same place to get a good picture.  My wife did the throwing and it took several……. tries.  I love the results.  What do you think?

In the Sun

On our ride this afternoon we say these “Pussy willows”.  Taking pictures with the sun at my back is ok but when we looked toward the sun the pussies on the willows just  popped.  There were also some little bugs flying around. Love the reflection of light from the sun.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {4/22/12}" (13)

  1. Gorgeous in the sun. Love it

  2. Lovely shots. I’m confused by that sign as well! Congrats on the splash. It worked great!

  3. Great collection for the prompts. You really did well with the splash shot and I love the pussy willows. Don’t you just love the way a child’s mind works . . . “making dirt”.

  4. Great post, and your shot “In the sun is beautiful ;))

  5. Wow! In the Sun is really beautiful!
    ‘Making dirt’ makes me smile, too!
    Sunday blessings to you!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  6. Really like your sun picture. And what a great story for the plowing farmer. Milestone is interesting as well.

  7. Great yellow find! Love that in the sun too, just gorgeous!

  8. I love your photos this week! Great job! 🙂

  9. Very nice photos! I like the “smoke ahead” sign. Funny! “Making dirt”…that is so cute. Thanks for sharing that 🙂

  10. Amazing shots, as always. Yellow is my absolute favorite!

  11. Great set as always.
    So interesting to read the “why” as to their being taken.
    Both the Yellow Signs were very unique and fun to read about.
    Something that makes you smile…What a great memory to have
    Splash – Lucky you to cath a good splash – It is hard to do.
    Ancient – Wow that is awesome to have the Millstone that your Great-Great Grandfather used.
    My favorite of your set: In the Sun. I love PussyWillows and these look delightful.

  12. Beautiful job this week – I especially love your first and last shots.

  13. haha making dirt =D I love your “in the sun” picture!!

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