Simple point and shoot.  This pictures was taken this afternoon of the Tetons and I think they are simply beautiful.


It is not often I get to see this kind of  “grain” in rock.  I love the patterns and had to take this picture.


This is one of the largest helicopters built, it dropped in for service (fuel) this week.  Notice how small the crewman is by the tail rotor.  This bird burns just under 4 gallons of fuel for every mile it flies but it is designed to haul very big loads. The tank holds 2500 gallons of water or just at 10 ton to put out fires.  Transportation of water.


These hands have stitched so many stitches I thought I’d catch her in the act.


Bubbles in a bottle of hand sanitizer.  I took out the pump and used a straw to inject the bubbles.  Turned out ok for a strange ideal.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {4/15/12}" (23)

  1. lifewithkaishon said:

    That helicopter is absolutely HUGE! Love the mountains. So beautiful! Also love the stitching. Very nice shot. Hands are my favorite : )

  2. I absolutely love your stitch photo! I thought your grain shot was a tree…not rock. That’s amazing!

  3. Lovely stitch. And I like the chopper!

  4. Wow…that is a ROCK???? That is pretty amazing to see that grain in it. And I really like your “stitch” shot. Perfect!

  5. You always have such great shots of mountains. Love the stitching shot.

  6. Wow! All of your photos are amazing. Especially the knitting one (since I love knitting).

  7. Chicken Licken said:

    That rock is amazing and what a HUGE helicopter!!

  8. Your bubbles shot is really different! At first I thought it was a hospital drip, lol! x

  9. That is one huge helicopter and pretty cool looking! The grain is great too!

  10. Great shots – Stitch is my fave!!

  11. Your simple shot is really beautiful! Awesome helicoptor-I never knew they could be so big!
    I love the sentiment of your stitch shot.
    Really great set 🙂

  12. These turned out great. Love your stitch and simple shots!

  13. Fantastic shots. I am in love with the simple. I love mts very beautiful!

  14. What awesome photographs you have! Love them 🙂

  15. Simple – Oh WOW those mountains are fantastic!
    Great idea on the Bubbles
    Grain is it a petrified tree?
    Stitch – Very nice, wish I could knit
    Transportation, That’s one big helicopter for sure!

  16. Love your stitch! The helicopter is impressive. And sometimes the simplest shots are the best ones..

  17. Love stitch. Great entries.

  18. ashleysisk said:

    Love that simple shot – so beautiful.

  19. I love your stitch photo, and the grain one is very cool.
    I bet my boys would have loved to see that helicopter.

  20. Love that shot of the helicopter!

  21. Lindylor said:

    Wonderful set. Stitch is great and love your transportation.

  22. I love how your pictures always take me to new places and ideas. I’ve never seen a water helicopter!

  23. Nice shots! Seems you and I had the same idea for the bubbles!

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