New leaves just starting to bud.  Spring?


New generations are being born.  New calfs resting in the afternoon sunshine with snow still on the mountain tops and a new baby lamb exploring his new world.  For both the start of LIFE.


As the earth is turned over at the start of a new season the plow stirs up a a fragrant that once you smell it you will never forget just as rain on the soil casts of a fragrant.  The second is a fragrant once smelled you will never forget also.  His tail is down and he does not see me.  Too close even with a long lens!!!


Flowers pink blooms and the pink bunny on someone’s step for the weekend.


It is obvious this little one was almost someone’s lunch but survived and only lost his tail.  Zoom in and look at the colors.  Obvious for a second and then gone.  Just as the season of Easter will be gone soon is obvious.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {4/8/12}" (15)

  1. Being a farm girl, your first shots are wonderful to me. I love the smell of freshly turned soil and, yet, I’m very familiar with the smell of skunk. Nice set this week.

  2. Love your pink shots….so beautiful!

  3. These are great!

  4. Love your new shot and all your creative interpretations.

  5. greenthumb said:
  6. Always a pleasure to see your SHS sets.
    New – Yep, I so enjoy seeing the trees budding out.
    I so enjoyed your Life shots – Especially the one with the calf and the mountains in the background.
    Wonderful – Pink Shots so pretty and so fun.
    Fragrant – What a different take on what you find fragrant. Oh Skunk….that is a different kind of fragrance isn’t it – You were brave.
    Obvious – Cute little fellow

  7. Wow, I really love the life shots………really nice!!

  8. I like fragrant and obvious. Can’t forget the smell of skunks for sure.

  9. ashleysisk said:

    Gorgeous set – really loving your life shot.

  10. I can’t believe you actually got a skunk for fragrant!

    Love your life shots, and the pink one turned out nicely. I think that lizard is just cool. I am glad you included the lucky fellow this week.

  11. I had not thought to use newly turned earth as fragrant, but you are so right – it is a special smell. Farmers are beginning to plow and plant here, too.
    My favorites are New and Pink.
    Happy Easter!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  12. What a fantastic set! I love the little lamb.

  13. Fragrant they are 🙂 Lovely images, your work is so nice.

  14. I love your first fragrant! Great thought! Love the pink flowers. It’s so nice to see the world become colorful again after the winter.

  15. onlyjenn said:

    Your fragrant shots are fabulous! 😉 of course us girls all used flowers…. clever you are! love the baby cows too! 😉

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