The pirate ship play set seems whimsical and a little over the top but boy is it a great toy.  The chickens really have a house?  I really loved the word EGGS on the side.  These were both found in the same yard.


God’s creation are the geese and Man’s is this new house being built overlooking the valley.

After getting all the other pictures posted this is what we had for a gift from a loving Father for a closure of the day.  The best gifts are worth waiting for and are worth the wait.  The best for create.


This time of the year we have DUST that is blown on our snow from IDAHO and this is what it does to our white snow.  It really accelerates the melting of the snow.

Seed or Sprout

Often the grass sprouts before the snow is all gone.  Our snow is just leaving and the green is already growing.

Swing or Drop

In our neighborhood these swings are waiting for the snow to melt to be used.  With the dusting shown above it will not be too long and we will have laughing children playing on these swings.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {3/25/12}" (15)

  1. Sure, blame Idaho for the dust! Love the set of pictures this week. The whimsy is great!!

  2. Beautiful pictures once again! Love the geese!

  3. Sometimes a single shot just won’t do for a prompt, right. Love both of your whimsy shots and the geese and sunset for create are magnificent.

  4. Gorgeous colors in your sunset!

  5. Great set of images, and I love the words you chose to accompany them. And aren’t those chickens livin’ in style!

  6. That playground is amazing! The dusty snow was a great idea!

  7. Nicely done with all the hunt words. Sunsets are so gorgeous and I always feel so amazed and insignificant when I’m surrounded by one.

  8. greenthumb said:

    That pirate ship is awesome. I want one!

  9. Love the geese and sunset captures, Mark.

  10. For some reason I just live the hen house! The pirate ship is cool as well. My boys would love it.

    The shot of the geese is lovely, as is the sunset.

    I am glad we don’t have any snow at all- clean or dirty!

  11. Nice set, that hen house has to be the coolest house a hen could have!

  12. Love the sunset! Beautiful.

  13. ashleysisk said:

    Great shots – I especially love your view of God’s creation.

  14. Super set. I loved your “Create” shots, especially God’s Sunset.
    Whimsy – What a fun and cute slide and chicken house
    Dust – Oh ick…dirty snow is just not pretty is it?
    Sprout, Lawns here are really greening up, soon be time to mow.
    Swing – Those are cute little swings.

  15. lifewithkaishon said:

    You asked about my camera? I have a d300. Our neighbor wanted to practice with my d90. I let all of the children use it when they like : ) I love to see life through their eyes. Wishing you a happy week! Love, Becky

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