We took a short road trip to get pictures this afternoon.  This is a sleigh’s front bunk for a team drawn sleigh that was once used to haul hay to feed cattle in the winter.  It is not used any more though there is still enough snow.  Definitely vintage.

Word or Quote

Loved the sign words.  The words say it all.

Nature’s Own

Not natures own.  It looked like a sandhill crane but looking closer it is man made statue to look like nature’s own.  Surprise!


Coming into each end of our town are these two “PEOPLE” directing visitors to parking.  Welcome to the west.

Photographer’s Choice

After a storm nature gives us the best we can ever see.  Mt. Timpanogos from the east in Utah.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday {3/17/12}" (17)

  1. Love, love the parking people! Your vintage is great. Love ya!

  2. Brrrrrrrrrrrr…the rest of the country is experiencing abnormal highs! I’m cold just looking at your snow. Snow does make the prettiest pictures though.

  3. Your last shot is beautiful. Great set.

  4. mdmclark said:

    WOW your vintage picture must take you back in time. I know a childhood memory came to my mind when I saw that picture. All your other shots are amazing as well. Love ya :~)

  5. What a wonderful set. I just love your natures own shot..

  6. You put together a really great set . . . I especially love your “nature” shot.

  7. Wow, I am jealous of all you snow! Love the people picture too!

  8. Once again, a great set of images. My favorite is “people”, but I really enjoyed all of them.

  9. That last shot is breathtaking!

  10. Gorgeous shots! That last one is amazing!! Although we have Spring weather here, your snowy shots look beautiful.

  11. ashleysisk said:

    Love that last shot – stunning!

  12. bellabeanphotography said:

    Great shots!! Love the last one!

  13. Haha..really like the parking people.

  14. I love the people, as well as word and photographer’s choice. I would love to bring the kids for a visit, but the snow is making it seem less appealing!

  15. Great set. Got a chuckle out of the sandhill crane. I thought it was a heron (living).

  16. That last shot is very striking- the white and blue make me feel the cold!

  17. Snow! All week I have been looking at spring flowers and new baby animals! I love that last shot- any view of the mountains is a good view.

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