Winter water looking cold but wonderful.

Water at the end of a water line is opened to keep it from freezing.  Standing water while the temperature is right.


Light on the clouds during flight are just wonderful.


I did not eat them because I am on a diet!   Well maybe just two?


You can’t see me.  You can’t see me.  You can’t see me.


It is a two mile walk to the snowmobile hill climbs with no parking closer than where I sit.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hut Sunday {3/1//12}" (19)

  1. The shot of the ice tower is great. Such a reminder of winter in the valley. You have so much snow there while we are thinking of getting green grass. Love the light picture too!

  2. Woof, I see you! I see them!
    I also saw you ate the choco.
    And I saw the light!

  3. Oh my…your “light” shot is just downright beautiful. I love the natural texture and pattern in the photo.

  4. Great choices for the Scavenger Hunt!
    I especially like Animal and Light.
    Have a blessed day!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  5. That shot with the ice tower is amazing . . . love the piece of farm equipment in the field of snow. Gorgeous!

  6. I really like your animal picture. Such a beautiful animal….and your caption made me laugh. 🙂 The picture of the clouds is great too.

  7. Love the water and ice shots.

  8. Beautiful set – I especially love light.

  9. Love that chocolate wrapper, ha! the snow pics are great!

  10. Love your set of images, especially the deer!

  11. I love your light, water, and animal shots!

    The running water is pretty and the ice tower is pretty cool.

    The light on the clouds is lovely.

    The shot of the deer is amazing!

    Great job this week, Dad!

  12. I love your set! The clouds are beautiful and I love the picture of the deer!

  13. These are are really great images! I don’t have a favorite, but the deer, they’re beautifully captured!!

  14. Once again, I love your set. The cloud picture is truly amazing! So glad you share your stuff every week!

  15. Like the chocolate wrapper!

  16. Super Set. The Water Shots are both great.
    I love your Animal Shot and also your Light on the Clouds. – So pretty.

  17. Love the running water in your water shot, perfect. And those clouds… they are soft, fluffy and beautiful. Nicely done!

  18. That running water image is amazing.

  19. the ice tower thing is so crazy and cool… (he he he)
    Love your dear shot… hiding behind the branches… nice.

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