Scavenger Hunt Sunday


My routine over the last several weeks has been moving a lot of snow.  This is how I move the snow away from most of the buildings at the airport.



Music has been a big part of my life.  I sing but love to listen to both instruments shown in this picture.  I have three brothers and we have been singing together all our lives. I love to sing and hear close harmony.


Would you believe this airplane is older than I am.  It was made just at the end of WWII and is a Douglas DC3.  It has been updated with all the new technology and the best part is I know how to read and use all of it and have had the opportunity to fly one of these older airplanes.

Show me your style

Honey Mommy was showing me her style riding a couple of years ago (notice my shadow).  The second is her and her husband on top of the mountain pass just south of our valley where the elevation is 7,680 ft above sea level.  The last  shows how my style has changed from when I was a small boy.  I rode in the far saddle as a boy and now ride on the near saddle.  What a change of style over the years.  I have ridden to the top of the same pass on 2 occasions this last summer but as the snow in the other pictures show, I am riding where the bike sits for now.


Yes this is the SNOW bank at work.  This was taken yesterday. The mismatch is very evident.  How do I get the snow over the top of this bank?  The top of the RZR is 71″ above the ground so you can tell the snow bank is over 6 1/2 ft high.

This is the mismatch.  My RZR (razor) that I use to clean snow sitting in front of the airport snow plow.  Size says it all.  We laughed quite a while after we took this picture.  The snow had been moved for another day and we will have to do it again in the morning.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday" (11)

  1. Love the mismatch!! that is an awesome picture!! Your music is great also, love to hear the close harmony you and the uncles can get when you sing together. Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy is best sung when the four of you do it together!!

  2. Great set! Love all the snow removal shots and would dearly love to hear the music you and your brothers make.

  3. I love your technology picture! One of my favorite blogs to visit is yours…always with the most unique perspective! I love it!

  4. I like most your routine and mismatch photos !!!! (You have had much snow so as we have here in Finland too ) Your style is young !! Cool. Technology looks complexed ! You have to know that so well. Music is a classic !!

    Have a nice Sunday !

  5. So much snow ! I like most your routine and mismatch photos !!!! Technology looks complexed (You have to know it well ) Music is a classic photo ! Your style is young and sporty.

    Have a nice Sunday !

  6. I really love the mismatch shot. Cycling is one of our passions, too. Thank goodness for cyclops in the winter.

  7. These are great! Love the biking style! So creative!

  8. I love your little snow moving mobile. It looks cute next to that giant snow plow!

  9. Great set – I love seeing the inner workings of an old airplane. Very cool.

  10. I love your music shot! Maybe because it is my piano and the guitar that I stole from you?

    Your mismatch is awesome. I love the difference between the snow movers!

  11. I can’t get over the tiny little “snow plow”!! esp that last shot next to the big one! =) fabulous!

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