Scavenger Hunt Sunday


This is an older file photo.  Last spring was a very wet spring.  Is is a land slide the CROSSED US 89 which is the main road leading into Jackson, Wyoming.  The road was closed for just under one month.  This is one of the pictures I took from the air and it was used by the road and state crews to determine how to approach cleaning up this slide crossing.


This is a glimpse of an evening glow in our mountains.  Beauty is often just a glimpse and then it has moved on.


In our grocery store I saw this hand written sign.  This is one over an antique crock.  People seem to want to put garbage into any open container.  The one in the store was over a recycle bin which has the same problem.


Bliss is watching one of my grandsons playing in the grass in the forest.  Older file picture.  We have too much snow now and I need to see some green grass so I posted this picture.

Also an older picture from last summer.  Bliss is getting up in the morning in the Idaho back country and flying to breakfast 18 minutes away at a pancake house.  The drive would be over 2 1/2 hours.


Gray color on a friends airplane as it leaves after he sold it.  The airport manager was blowing snow along the taxiway and I got lucky and got them together.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday" (20)

  1. The no garbage is cute, cant have those grandkids putting unexpected items in the jar! The crossed picture is great! Love ya Dad!!

  2. Oh, I don’t want to be a pilot, but I would love to fly around all day! Such beautiful scenes you capture! Handwritten…so true!

  3. Wow, what a mud slide….and your glimpse is beautiful!

  4. You sure get some gorgeous shots from your lofty perspective. I love the crossed shot and your little story that went with it. Your glimpse shot is so very pretty.

  5. Your gray shot is so awesome! I’m so ready for green and kids running through the forest. It seems so far away. Thanks for your beautiful photos.

  6. Mark, you have an advantage for getting great photos….The crossed shot is especially awesome.

  7. Beautiful photos! Love that idea of a twenty minute flight to breakfast!

  8. Landslides are scary. Great photo though.

  9. Great set! I love the glimpse shot, the colors are amazing!

  10. Beautiful shots – I love a glimpse.

  11. I love seeing your pictures from the air every week.

  12. Wow you have some amazing shots here. I had to enlarge your Crossed photo to get the full effect. That was some slide.
    Your Bliss is totally adorable
    and my top pick: Glimpse, what a glorious sunset.

  13. Love your glimpse picture! So pretty!

    Grey is also pretty cool.

  14. Your pictures are always so amazing and so unique. I look forward to your post every week! That first one is unbelievable!

  15. Love your glimpse shot! Beautiful!

  16. Oh my, your glimpse shot is stunning!

  17. beautiful pictures..and interpretations. i love the “bliss” esp.

  18. I love all of your shots. You get such great perspective from the sky.

  19. Beautiful set! love all the pics from air and the planes! my hubby has a private pilots license but we have never managed to keep up the ‘hobby’ and put him in the air… since marriage and kids life is either too busy or the hobby to costly =)… maybe in our ‘retirement’? =)

  20. Love the shot of your grandson! Looks like he was enjoying himself!

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