Scavenger Hunt Sunday


Just a little something to show my better half that I do LOVE her more that ever.


I saw this “FLY” on the window at work.  The window he was setting on has two panes of glass.  He did not wait to let me get a better picture but it is a duplicate in one picture.

Trend or Trending

Taken a little while ago.  Great trend for a restaurant.  As the light shows,  (green) go—-walk for the weekly deal.


Paper messages on the fridge from the grandkids.  Love their “works of art”.


Plastic makes such great displays.  Plastic makes the colors so great.  Pop machine display at my work.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday" (19)

  1. Your duplicate photo is pretty cool. I think that bug is bigger than a fly though! Yuck!

    Beautiful flowers and lovely artwork on your fridge too. :o)

  2. Another week of great photos…Love your duplicate picture!

  3. Beautiful roses {good job 😉 } and I love that you have that paper artwork on your fridge!!

  4. Wow! These are amazing, especially the duplicated picture. So cool looking!

  5. Lovely flowers you chose for your wife. That Pepsi sign really “pops”!

  6. Wow, sir, your Love photo is beautiful, especially the colors. The duplicate photo is also really extraordinary. I love taking pictures of bugs, mostly macro ones, and I definitely know the frustration of them leaving before you can get a good picture.

  7. Those flowers are so gorgeous!

  8. I bet those flowers made her day! Gorgeous! : )
    What a fun name for a restaurant! I would totally like to try it : )

  9. lovely photos here..that picture of a fly is so cool….

  10. Your fridge looks a lot like our fridge…except ours if from our daughter 🙂

  11. The duplicate is very cool!

  12. Great Duplicate! Nice plastic too.~

  13. I really like your shot for trending – the processing really suits it.

  14. Well done.
    You did “good” with the flowers for your better half – Ain’t LOVE grand!
    Your Duplicate shot is awesome, very interesting capture.
    Ah those Paper drawings are cute.
    The Purple Turtle sounds like a fun place to eat.
    My top pick – Plastic, It really does look great in your photo.

  15. I think you used to participate in WEEKWORD? your photos are cool – especially the DUPLICATE shot.

  16. Love the fridge art work! Your duplicate is great, never get enough time to get a really good picture when your dealing with bugs, right?

  17. Those flowers are just beautiful! And displaying your grandchildrens artwork is so sweet! Great photos! 🙂

  18. I love your duplicate shot, that is very cool. I love the art on your fridge!

  19. Your duplicate shot is amazing! Nice find, and way to execute the shot!

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