Bad weather this week only allowed one sunset.  I waited hoping… and it came through.

Black and White

In my office we have this decoration.  I thought it looked great in black and white.

A Day in my Life


During most days I am either flying or if the weather is bad I have to move snow.  These are the tools I use in a day of my life.  Often I have been told and ask if I am sure it is work or am I playing.


A friend HAD to go flying even when the weather was not the best.  Great to get 4 of his L16 on takeoff.  The aircraft was made in 1947 and rebuilt 8 or 9 years ago.



Again man does not live by chocolate alone but a woman can.  Great color on this Christmas  present not yet opened and eaten.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday – January 22, 2012" (16)

  1. Stunning sunset! I love planes! I flew my uncle’s bi-plane when I was 13

  2. Amazing sunset! It looks you picked an interesting job:)

  3. Love your sunset shot! It was worth waiting for and the clouds are gorgeous. I was hoping for a nice sunset this week, but we mostly had clouds all week.

    I also love your set of four. Not something you see around here every day.

    p.s. Can I have some of your chocolate orange?

  4. I love, love your sunset! Gorgeous!

  5. So true about the chocolate. My Dad would love to go up in that wonderful plane.
    Gorgeous sunset, well worth waiting for.

  6. It is almost a month since Xmas, how can you keep chocolate on a shelf?!!!! I want your snow plow, it is so cute 🙂 Great sunset, well worth the wait.

  7. Love your four collage! I’ve never had one of those chocolate oranges but I hear they are good!

  8. I love your sunset image and a day in your life. Great series of images!

  9. Love your sunset picture. Great pictures!

  10. Love the sunset

  11. That sunset is stunning – beautiful work.

  12. The sunset was truly worth the wait. I love your set of 4.. I guess when you love your work it feels like play. Have a good week.

  13. Awesome Sunset – Well worth the wait!
    I like your BW photo
    Good 4 series as well as your Day in your life.
    Colorful – Yum! I’d have that eaten by now!

  14. I love your sunset, it is beautiful!

  15. Great shots – I love that black and white!

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