Stacked up

During the last year I have been taking pictures of the local aircraft.  I have stacked them up in the corner in the office.

Winter Wonderland

Close up of winter wonderland in our area.  It has been clear and quite cold.  This day it was – 15 degrees F.

I had to do a flight test (I am a test pilot) on an aircraft on a clear day and decided to take my camera.  This is what I get to see from 14,500 ft or 8,000 ft up from our home town.  You can see for over a hundred miles from up here.


Sweet look and sweet granddaughter.


Holes in the rock on our recent trip.  I noticed the face (two eyes and nose) when I looked yesterday.  Can you see the face?


With our cold temperature I have gotten several pictures of frozen frost.  This is a picture of the chain link fence early in the morning just outside my office.  I thought it was very interesting and looked great.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday January 15, 2012" (21)

  1. Love your winter wonderland shot! So great 🙂

  2. Beautiful winter wonderland shots, and that is the cutest baby I have ever seen… as a matter of fact, I have seen her before! She’s on my blog today too! :o)

    The picture of the frost on the chain link fence is cool. We get cold temps, but no cool frost. Bummer

  3. Your pictures are amazing. Love your sweet granddaughter she is so cute. My favorite shot is of the chain link fence.

  4. Those winter wonder land & frozen shots are SPECTACULAR!! Great eye!

  5. Wonderful winter shots, but your granddaughter is just adorable!

  6. I do see the face in your “hole” shot . . . very cool! That little miss is showing up a lot in your scavenger hunt, isn’t she. I can see why . . . such a cutie. Great wintery shots, too.

  7. How lucky you are to get such a great perspective on Winter Wonderland, and I love that snow tree against the blue sky too. Yes I spotted the face in the rocks – what a great formation!

  8. That frozen fence is amazing! And that tree, gorgeous, I am longing for some snow here in Boston!

  9. These are great! Love the view from your office ;D

  10. Your winter shots are AMAZING! I also LOVE your hole shot in the rock. I sure do see the face! What a wonderful thing for you to be able to capture from up above.

  11. Love your winter wonderlands and frozen. Such cool shots!

  12. Love the winter wonderland photo, and the face was the very first thing I saw in your hole picture. 🙂 Great job!

  13. Love your third shot – gorgeous.

  14. I really love the 2nd winter wonderland shot

  15. Wow! I love all the aircraft photos! And good for you for hanging them on the wall! Also… there is totally a person living IN that rock!

  16. These are great. Wow what an awesome view from the airplane.
    Your Granddaughter does look quite “Sweet”
    Loved the Winter Wonderland Tree Shot.
    The face in your “Hole” shot was cool.

  17. Love your winter wonderland shots!! And cute baby!

  18. –Gorgeous…

    But “Sweet” has my vote :)))

  19. What a great idea – taking pics of your local aircraft. Love it! Flying (as a passenger – unfortunately not a pilot) is one of my favourite things to do. I worked for a float plane company and as a result, I have flown roughly 100 flights on their De Havilland DHC-3 Otters. Such a great way to travel since I live on an island!

  20. I do see the face in the rock! I love how you hung all those aircraft photos on the wall!

  21. All shots are wonderful but I just ♥ that tree shot!
    Happy Shooting!

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