One Color

A new year is up on us.  This is a older picture of one color.  This mountain is just behind our house.  Normal winter one color.


I have been told Men are such slouches and leave laundry all over.  Yes my socks are in a “group”.


We went to see some of our grandkids during this last week.  On the way this is what the fuel gauge was showing just before we fueled to finish the trip.  I have found it is easier to burn off the top half not the bottom half of the fuel tank.  Empty is not comfortable for me.


One Dozen

On the trip I saw this sign and had to take a picture of the last dozen miles we had traveled and the sign shows it.


A grandson found the soft place to take a nap on his mothers lap.  Comfort is a soft love.


Comments on: "Scavenger Hunt Sunday January 8, 2012" (18)

  1. I love the one dozen shot.

  2. I love your soft shot. How cute and comforting it looks. Sweet peace. And I always love travel photos. They tell stories.

  3. I can’t choose between the last two for a favorite, I love them both! great set!

  4. Love your one colour and soft shots. I would not be comfortable with the empty tank either.

  5. Love the soft shot! Creative dozen! Empty tank is not fun, but it makes a great shot for the prompt!

  6. What great shots… I love the empty shot.. I would have never thought of that..

  7. I wanted to use a mile marker for my Dozen, but couldn’t find one!
    Sweet grandchild you have there!

  8. What a creative one dozen and empty! Glad the tank didn’t get all the way empty!

  9. Love your interpretation of soft. Touching photo.

    Oh, I hate when my tank looks like that too…great take on the prompt!!

  10. Your dozen looks great! Empty like that would get me really nervous:)

  11. sleeping babies in laps are the best

  12. I liked the 12 mile marker for dozen….very clever.

  13. I love your interpretation for one dozen – beautiful shot!

  14. Very nice series. I liked the One Dozen and the Soft a great deal.

  15. My favorite shots are one dozen (I love it)….and soft. Very precious…

  16. Love your one color shot. Very pretty mountains!

    I also love the dozen shot. I think it is awesome that you stopped to take a picture.

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog..Nice set of shots btw.

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