Reflections over the last year brings up what I do, the people around me and the things I cherish.


This picture was taken by my brother as I flew by.  If you look close I even got of a wave for the camera.

I Love You

Our two new granddaughters playing together just before the holidays.  Love them both so…… much.

Still Laughing

During this last summer we took some scouts on a back country trip.  Notice the OLD man is up taking the pictures and look at the younger men sound asleep.  It still makes me laugh every time I see the picture.

Winter Wonderland

Contrast in black and white is just wonderful in the winter.  I love the snow on trees after a new snow fall.

Spring Fever

Picture in Honey Mommy’s front yard this last spring.  Makes me want to look forward for the new spring.

Travel or Vacation

We try to make at least two trips to the Idaho back country.  We fly in with our camping gear and spend at least a couple of days.  No phone and NO hurry to do anything.  We get to meet people from all over and love to visit and share the love of flying.  This week shown there were 58 aircraft that stopped for the evening.  It takes 18 minutes to fly to the nearest “town” but to drive would take over 2 1/2 hours.

Summer Days

During our visit I was laying on the grass and saw this view.  I love the picture of our airplane and the grass and clover.  I think this is what I really love about summer days.

A Day in My Life

Just in case you can’t guess I love taking pictures of airplanes especially in the air.  This is an AT6 WWII trainer of a friend.  We met in the air so I could get a couple pictures.  I also get to see the beauty of the world from a very different view and love what I get to see.  I look forward taking pictures with a new camera and sharing the view with you.

All Smiles

As I said before we had two new granddaughters this year.  These are pictures of grandma and the new granddaughters which will always bring smiles.


Just a year ago we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. (41 Last week)  We had all the family together and this was our surprise.  Our daughters put together this quilt with all the hand prints of everyone in our family with out us knowing.  If you look close you will notice two with little hands inside their mom’s .  Yes it is our two new little ones.

Dressed Up

On one of our trips to the back country we had a cold and wet day and this is my other half all dressed up to keep warm that afternoon.


Winter has arrived and with a new camera frost shots are just great.  I love the detail of frost up close.


Of course Christmas has to include some of the grandkids and presents.

My Favorite

This has been posted before but it is my favorite this year.  IT is a Sun Rise not a sun set over the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming going East very early in the morning.

Just Because…So There!

This is patterns on the ground again taken from the air near Moab, UT this summer.  Do you see the leaf?

Hopes and Dreams

As the sun sets and we see the frost on the ground we look forward for the new year and pray all have a great holiday season and hope the new year will be bright and full of love with family and friends that stand by each of us.  I love being able to share what I get to see and feel with everyone.  I so appreciate you comments and your visits to this site each week.  Thanks always.


Comments on: "Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2011" (3)

  1. jeanettekirkham said:

    I LOVE your picture of frost!! It makes me want to go play with my macro filters I got for Christmas!

  2. You’ve caught some amazing views in the past year – absolutely spectacular. Happy New Year!

  3. I love the picture of the tulips! And I do see the leaf in the pattern on the ground! Have a wonderful new year!

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